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Need drill press parts ?

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  • Need drill press parts ?

    I am restoring an old drill press. Basically sound but has a missing crank arm and the electrical cover is missing. Can one buy these items individually ?
    Much appreciated.

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    looks like a Chinese one to me ..someones chucked the top and bottom belt guards away....makes it look old ..but may be less than 15 years old..

    not worth the effort in my opinion.

    one like that complete with the guards can be picked up for less than £25 on ebay here.

    all the best.markj


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      Cranks and handles are found at most industrial suppliers such as MSC and McMaster Carr. Also a few at Grizzly and more variety at fixture supply companies like Jergens and Carr Lane. You may not find one exactly like what was there originally, but certainly one that will work.

      I'm not aware of items like your motor peckerhead cover commonly listed, but I'd go round to my friendly motor rewind shop and ask about something from a dead motor. That source is likely cheap or free.
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