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An Easy Taper Attachment

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  • An Easy Taper Attachment

    Awhile back someone was asking about a taper attachment. There is a real dandy in the latest issue of Machinist's Workshop. (OCT/NOV 2003 page 26) It looks to me that it could be made to fit any lathe.

    Hats off to Thomas Morrison.
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    Yeah, looks pretty good. Set the exact angle first re-cuts.

    I was thinking though, of a way to get the clamps not to be part of the angle-setting arrangement.

    Unless I missed it, the reference block stackup goes between the clamp and the round surface of the "sine bar piece". That depends on getting the clamp in a set position with reference to the ways.

    If you have front and back V ways, OK, but with a backside flat way, it isn't as easy. The back surface of the ways *probably* is pretty good, but there is no guarantee it is precise, and the whole point of the sine bar system is that it is precise.

    So you need some way of getting a reference.

    Since the whole thing is easier than the usual set and cut and measure and adjust and cut and measure...., I guess on re-reading the article that the use of the indicator to set the taper bar parallel to the ways as a start using the offset adjusting nut isn't too much work. You'd only need to do it once per session.

    But, since the adjuster has 0.01 offset, I think he might have mentioned making the block on one side a little shorter so there would be bidirectional adjustment.

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      I hate it when you guys tell me about issues I don't have yet because Canada Post is filled with lazy bums making $100+K/yr with full benefits...(poor babies)


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        it is a nice taper attachment. works like a sine bar. i wish i had seen it before i built the one i have now. with the exception of the situation that Oso pointed out, it looks to be pretty 'universal' and a lot easier to set than most. it will be worth waiting for.

        once i was a postman. it isn't the guy carrying the mail but the managment that screws it up. however, the guy who carries the mail is the post office to the person who is waiting for the mail and he catches all the hell both from the customers and the managers. no win situation. i know why some of those guys become 'postal'.

        have a good day. hope your magazine comes soon.

        ........i dremel. therefore i am..........................


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          When I was in the hospital in 1999 one of the posties (delivery by foot) was in the same ward for a week - the stories I was told convinced me the the entire government is filled with idiots, and Canada Post apparently gets first round draft pick.

          You see, they are required to be bilingual, but apparently don't have to be able to read in either language! If our post orfice was 1/4 the US post office - we would all die of shock when our mail arrived on time and in one piece.


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            I work at a Canadian university and I was sure we had them all.


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              I work at a Canadian university and I was sure we had them all.



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                The mail delivery comments bring to mind something that always puzzled me. For several years I would receive the catalogs of a mail order company "Gander Mountain", which was in Minnesota or Wisc, as I recall. All the rest of my mail was always in good condition. But invariably those Gander Mountain catalogs would be mangled and in tatters. I always wondered about that.
                Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                  Yeah Thrud;
                  Don't you just hate it when you are waiting feverishly for your copy and the guys are telling you about something in the latest issue? Here it is Sept.26th and still no magazine and George lives further north than I am...Go figure...Canada Post sucks!!!