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Metal hardness testing

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  • Metal hardness testing

    I have a small stock of steel and can buy shorts at a good price but do not know how machinable they are. I usually give them a file test as a start. I want to cut a number of small gears and do not want to dull these expensive gear cutters. If I use the corner of a file can I tell roughly how deep the cut is to tell if its easily machinable. Or say a punch hit with a hammer and the rellitave diameter of the hole.

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    Try a gear cutter on it. If it ruins the gear cutter then go buy some known material. Or, you could buy the known material in the first place. Might be a lot cheaper that way.
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      The file test is a good indicator of the hardness of a material. If you don't want to take the chance of spoiling a gear cutter, use a slitting saw to first gash the blank.
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        Spark testing can be helpful to ID metal.....
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