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Old towns in New England---

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  • Old towns in New England---

    Yeah, I know---Pretty "off topic" subject. Wife and I just got home from a week touring around Vermont. I love the old towns in New England---for that matter in many parts of USA. They have something that most Canadian towns don't have (besides Americans). You can see from the architecture that at one time there was some big money in these old towns. A lot of the gracefull old mansions have fallen on hard times, now that manufacturing has "moved on" to the Pacific rim countries, but still, they retain a charm and beauty that just doesn't exist in most old Canadian towns. Okay---I'm a "Loyal Canadian'!!! I'm not knocking my own country. Its just that towns here developed differently. We were not bastions of manufacturing in the "New World", and we didn't have the same economic forces driving the development of our towns. I like the beauty of the old buildings and the layout of the towns. It makes me sad to see so many old places that were built up around some manufacturing giant ---for example, St. Johnsbury Vt. which was built up around Fairbanks Morse---and now the company is gone and the town is almost totally dependent on tourism for a living. And that story is repeated in a thousand other old towns across America, and to a much smaller extent across Canada. My God people---where is our future?? What happens to the young people in those towns, whose family have been there for generations?---Where do they go to work? Sorry for the rant. Its just that it bothers me so much, and I don't see a clear solution.----Brian
    Brian Rupnow

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    Yes, the new england states were the seat of growth and development of our country and there are many interesting places to see. It's a shame that places fall into ruin.
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      Yes people, Progress &changing times is not always kind , Thankfully by the what you are saying these nice old towns are still unspoilt, For heavens sake dont let the developers/town planners,town councillors, and modern house builders near them, You should see some of the obscenities these guys have done to a lot of our formerly, lovely old towns, All in the name of progress!


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        Not to worry, Obama and the stimulus will take care of this problem, the old mansions and houses will be turned into low income diversity housing.
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