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What you think of this Milling Machine?

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  • What you think of this Milling Machine?

    It is bigger than I should consider, but what are the pratfalls of this Combo if it is in decent shape?

    Opinions appreciated.

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    I saw that on craiglist and thought to myself that the vendor must be either a professional photographer or marketing exec the way he managed so so perfectly showcase it

    looks rough and expensive and barren of tooling.

    I know where there's a belt drive bport with iirc some tooling and an (old) dro that you should be able to get for under 1k. PM me if you want info on it

    (hope the vendor isn't a bbs bretheren, but u gotta call em as you see em)
    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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      Go for mcgyvers Mill hookup. Just my opinion. You can get any part whatsoever for a bridgeport mill. I am still using my 1962 step pulley unit and I like it. Ive had good luck with it since I rebuilt it.


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        Thanks . I don't think the vendor is a local, as he did not know if it was an R-8 machine.(Not that I would have known a month ago)