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    Drug problems:

    My generation just might have been lucky?

    I had a drug problem when I was young.

    I was drug to church on Sunday morning.

    I was drug to church for wedding and funerals.

    I was drug to family reunions no matter the weather.

    I was drug to the bus stop to go to school every weekday.

    I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults and teachers.

    I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents.

    Those drugs are still in my veins; and they affect my behavior in everything I do, say, and think. They are stronger than cocaine, crack, or heroin, and if today's children had this kind of drug problem, America might be a better place.


    An Old Fart
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    Hear! Hear!!


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      I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults and teachers.

      ear ear over ere too Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        GREAT POST, guess i'm an old fart too, but glad of it. Wish we had more of this drug problem now that the other. You hear so much about peer pressure today but in our day that was nothing compared to parent pressure.My Dad would probably be charged with child abuse today, but I never received any punishment that I didn't deserve. Loved him dearly and am a better person today because of it.


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          I too had my share of parental pressure and often it was directed to my buttocks. But, the worst time was when my Father looked me straight in the eye and said; "Son, I thought you had more in you than that!" Now that hurt! THANKS Poppa!

          John B
          John B


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            That is one drug problem that I wish more people had today!

            I ensuring that it is one drug problem that my son has right now! (He is three, so i plan on continue on inflecting it on him for a while).

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              I concur.

              When I was bad, Dad dug out the miltary pistol belt and I got my ass severely whopped. The brass buckle hurt the most...


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                My worst memories are of switchings with the 'dreaded' peach tree branch. The folks would strip all the leaves and twigs except for the very tip, then administer the switch across the back of the legs (my legs..not theirs) til those tip leaves wore off.
                Incredible how that little flimsy switch could hurt. They'd be holding me by one arm while I ran, jumped, and hopped in a circle trying to outrun the switch.


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                  Sounds very familiar, only in my case, it was a Wild Cherry switch. We didn't have any Peach Trees handy.


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                    It's not just the older generation, I'm 33 and my mom was liberal with the wooden spoon and Ivory soap. My Dad never touched me just a look was enough. I started working on the family ranch when I was 8 (occasional tractorwork) and by age 12 if I wasn't in school I was working. It was the best thing they could have done for me. The lack of work ethic and pride that I see at my job drives me nuts.

                    Jon Bohlander
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                      I was raised in a single parent family and I received the leather strap across the be-hind more times than I can count.

                      We cooked with the old fasishioned cook stove that had a warming oven over the stove and on top of that oven laid that dam strap.
                      I would get smart and hide the strap but you know another one always replaced it.

                      Did you guys see that piece on Good Morning America where the teacher tied the 6 year old in the chair with tape and the mother is sueing the school. Teacher probably did it becuase the animual never had a displine at home and was disrupting the class.

                      Maybe the kids don't learn is the teacher spend most of his/her time dealing with the unrully animals and she/he does not have time for the other children.

                      Just my thoughts.
                      Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                        A few years ago I was driving my two oldest daughters to high school and they suddenly asked me in a mischievious way what I would do if they came home drunk. I didn't say anything and they then started suggesting what I might do, such as using a belt on their butts or restricting their activities for a long time. At each suggestion I indicated that I probably wouldn't do that. Finally they both got a look of horror and looked at each other and then said OH NO! we know.... aaahhh what you would do...... You would give us the "What's Important in Life" speech!!!! forever!!!...aaahhhh God that is the worst......aaahhh. I then said "you got it but I might do the other things you suggested also". One is a PhD engineering student and the other is a 1st grade school teacher. They both were drug a lot and had a few swats too.