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O.T. Does this really suprise anyone?

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  • O.T. Does this really suprise anyone?

    This just confirms what a lot of people already know.
    "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is." Winston Churchill

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    No, and it's not news either. Someone's just stirring the pot.
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        The solution run Linux.



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          Their stated purpose for the report was to stir the pot.

          ".....they issued their report to raise awareness of the risk to national security by using a single, wide-spread software system."
          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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            Security is a sham,no matter what anyone does someone will always find a way in to a system.
            Look at it from this stand point,if we suddenly have twenty different OS running around all it does is make matters worse.
            Eventually Windows,Linux and Mac will be replaced by something far better,probibly from Asia.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Well... Free BSD (the Berkeley Standard Distribution of Unix) has had One (1) significant security vulnerability found in Seven (7) years. Hmmm....
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                You and I both know bad mouthing MS and their sloppy software is not stirring the pot - it is called "telling the truth".

                My mom used to say "When in doubt, club 'em like baby seals".


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                  The plot thickens. The Chief Technical Officer who was the lead author of the above mentioned report has been fired. @stake, the company that fired him says "Geer hadn't had permission for his involvment in the study, and that the views expressed in the document were not in line with the views of the company."

                  Not so coincidentally, @stake does consulting for Microsoft.

                  Full story here:

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                    Did yo hear the the 64 bit Mandrake Linux for the AMD 64 bit processors can be downloaded for free (2Gb. download - takes up 4 CD-R's).

                    Any one looking for SMP processors might want to buy one of the 3.2Ghz. P4-EE (Enhanced Edition - a fully operational Xeon chip for $3,000 off regular Xeon price, at least for a while anyway - get them while they are hot!)


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                      I am a long time Mac user. I also have some PC's and I have some CNC machines that use Windows PC as the interface for the controller board. Result is a fair knowledge of both systems. Mac is much better for the normal stuff most poeple do with a computer. Some of the data collection software and machine controller software is only written for the PC as that is the large market. To bad the great unwashed is to stupid to see the advantages of the Mac. With only about 3-4 percent of the market a lot of the specialty software will not be written for the Mac. If they could get up to 8-10 percent things would change. Windows keeps getting more Mac like so it is reasonably useable. Since Mac software is really just Unix with a friendly interface if they could somehow sell it for a real low price or give it away like Linux, Microsoft might be history. I am not betting on that idea though.


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                        My experience is that a Mac works better most of the time.

                        Good news is that they rarely get broke, unlike (out the)windows, which is broke as delivered.

                        BUT, when a Mac is broke, its BAAAD broke...gurus scratching head broke.


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                          Worst thing about Macs is Steve Jobs - the Bill Gates of the Mac world. If it was not for that pinhead Macs would have been the dominant computer today.

                          I used to hack macs when they only had 128k of memory (morons - Steve Jobs idea - again) up to 4 Mb and built accelerators for them. I burned custom EPROMS to defeat copy protection and enhance usability. Easy to fix, hard to find parts for the psb/flyback boards (if a mac smokes this is almost always the cause). Apple has gone to custom IC's an surface mount long before anyone else - parts are hard to find and expensive to replace.