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OT:Pinging Evan re Deal Extreme

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  • OT:Pinging Evan re Deal Extreme

    On 18 Sep I placed an order for 2 of the Led Cree lights and a 12 volt fan for my small 12 volt power source.(Total charged to Visa was #38.06).I did not register a password and checked out on my wife's card because for some reason mine wouldn't work there but was fine for other purchases.Now I can't contact them because I didn't register a password and live support is never available.I'd appreciate any ideas or help.

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    I ordered from them last year around this time and it took at least a month to get here maybe longer.


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      Register and then ask about the specific order number. The online support is pretty good as long as you keep to the 500 word vocabulary.

      There is a sort of code they use on each item which tells you how long you will have to wait. If it says "In stock, 1 to 3 days" then it will ship within a few days. If it says "ships in 2 to 5 days" then they don't have it but it is on order and expected soon. It may take up to several weeks. If you had registered they would have e-mailed you by now to ask what to do. I know the LEDs are in stock right now but don't know what fan you ordered. It is probably holding up the order.
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        That's one of the problems-I don't have an order #.All I have is the Visa payment # which doesn't work.They (DX) have never sent me anything.


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          Try their customer service link. They have always handled my issues within 24 hours, it is Mon.-Fri. though and it is already Friday there so you may not receive a reply until after the weekend.

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            You might want to check your spam bucket and see if messages from them ended up there - on my last order from them I got 2 messages, one confirming the order and one on shipment. Since I went through paypal I also got a payment confirmation from them containing some of the sale info. If you have the transaction id from your CC company you might be able to use that with the DE folks to get back to the order number.


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              Don't be surprised at the slow delivery. I like DealExtreme's prices but I stopped buying from them because I simply can't wait 3 months for an order to be filled.

              When I finally cancelled my last order, I had received about half of what I needed (in two shipments) after a 6+ week wait, with no estimate of when the rest would be shipped.

              My experience with them suggests that you will eventually receive your parts, but you may no longer need them by that time!