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    I got a G3617 Horizontal / Vertical Mill, do I need to put machine mounts on it,tool level it or just use bolts Brett

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    You can put mounts under it if your floor is really unlevel, but they make them really hard to move around later. With a manual mill that is not going to twist, I normally just level it with a couple of wooden shims (door jam shims work well) so that it does not rock. Unless you are just fat on shop space, it is amazing how often you have to move around a manual mill to fit some odd job. Between a good jimmy bar and some pipe rollers, they really are easy to move.


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      That helps me Brett


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        i agree with Mickey. just use some wood shims to keep it from rocking. if it is really out of level use some shims to adjust it, but i wouldn't worry too much about being level. the only machine in my shop that has been leveled is the lathe.

        andy b.
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