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Get your share of MS anti-trust settlement

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  • Get your share of MS anti-trust settlement

    This is the sight to make your claim against MS. You have to check on the site to see if you are eligible.

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    Thrud: It sounds like you had to live in California during the period in question.

    The site wants your email address and part of your social security number. No way are they getting these goodies and then telling me I fail to qualify

    Good work though Please keep on finding ways for us to reclaim money given to MS$.



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      The enlarged blood vessels, the tax it has put upon my nervous system, No amount of money can repay that. Most people are STUPID and don't understand Windows and its multi-fit-purpose conflicting software. A software with known bugs and rushed to sell to the public. I'd be put in jail if I built motorcycles or hotrods like that. Gee, I left the brake lines and axle loose, I thought I would fix it in future editions..

      If Bill Gates ever has a flat tire in North Georgia ******. (okay I'll shut up now) I have threatened the "GOD of the internet".

      Perhaps it is just all signs of the times, do "as little as possible" for "as much money as you can get".

      On second thought, I would settle for $520,999.99

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        You need to have been a California resident and purchased Windows after 1995.


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          Sniff? Snifff?? Smells very fishy. A free copy of Star Office! WOW. Just download OpenOffice from Same thing. Webstation PC? You only "qualify" if you buy thier "products" first, with your money.

          The owner of the domain name is hiding thier identity. The domain is registered via a company called Domains by Proxy, Inc. in Scottsdale Arizona. They specialize in registering domains for you so that no one can determine who the actual owner of the domain is. They claim the site is operated by Lindows. Then why are they hiding the registration identity?

          This country boy wouldn't touch it with a ten foot insulated pole.
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            It is probably owned by some ambulance chasers and they want to make sure they get every cent of their 30%+ fee of the setlement. I fit is a scam, then the Proxy company will be liable.

            Either way, it is "Billy bashing" and I approve.