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    Balax Thredfloer Forming Taps are ideal for applications involving aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, leaded steel and zinc. In general, any material, which produces a stringy chip, is a good Thredfloer candidate.

    Balax's thread forming process offers several advantages over thread cutting, including:

    Chipless Tapping
    Stronger Threads
    Better Thread Gaging
    Longer Tap Life
    More Efficient Production
    Balax Thredfloer Forming Taps are ground on special, patented thread grinders featuring lead form geometry correction. This process produces forming taps whose lead threads are on pitch, resulting in reduced tapping torque.

    Thredfloer Forming Taps are available in ANSI, DIN and JIS sizes with plug, bottom, or one thread lead chamfers. Specialty Thredfloers are available in miniature, extension, STI and straight and tapered pipe versions.


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      Some info via a Google search...


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        Reason for my madness???

        Well I should explain my reasoning for making my own Studs. Firstly I wish to make them almost ground diameter to fit my Home Made engine block perfectly . I do NOT wish any oil to go up through the stud Journals or Holes at all. I dont want to have to slide O-Rings on the studs to stop oil flow. I wish the studs to fit very closely within a max of .005 or less if i can do it. The studs will be acting also as dowel pins of sorts to enhance Case Rigidity in my Big Bore motor im making.Then I am making my own oiling system to directly feed the cams. Will have to test a couple things to make sure alls well with it. So many people fry there rocker arms on this model engine. Anyhow thats that. LOL


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          Originally posted by John Stevenson
          You can get them for shaping machines.

          Funny, I was just thinking that

          You should scan the pictures if there are any, Im sure it would be of interest hereabouts....

          Just south of Sudspumpwater UK