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Clausing Colchester 8000 11x30 good machine ?

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  • Clausing Colchester 8000 11x30 good machine ?

    Does anyone have any experience with a Clausing Colchester 8000, 11x30 lathe? Appears to have very little wear, has a 5C closer and a Pratt Burnerd 6" D1-3 chuck, 2HP 230/460 motor, nothing else. Does $3500 sound decent or if not, what's something like this worth?

    added: has 30 - 2000 rpm spindle range


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    If it has little wear it is not a bad deal, but I would try to weasel it down more. Make sure all the gears are there (expensive).


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      Yeah, what Thrud said.
      It is an excellent machine, but should have lots more tooling at that price.
      3 Phase motor will have to be addressed if you do not have power available. Figure around $300 for VFD, which is best way to go.
      Plan on about $500-$1000 to tool it up. (Quick change toolpost, live & dead centers, 4 jaw chuck, faceplate, tailstock drill chuck, good selection of cutters, steady and follow rests, other stuff I can't think of now at the minimum.)
      Compare it to imports at around $2500 in this size. (I would not buy an import though.)
      Jim H.


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        Thanks guys. It looks like a solid machine and I think I can name my price. $3500 was the asking price but the fellow that has it is cleaning house and it has to go.

        Good point on the gears. After I figured out the QC switches, I noticed that it needs 2 or 3 different gears to cover the range printed out front. One other thing that concerns me is that the spindle bearings might have been special, high precision ones actually made by Colchester ... gotta talk to Clausing about that.

        VFD sounds good. Looks like a 5HP should handle the 2HP motor on 220 single phase.

        I did some more checking on Tony's UK site and elsewhere and it appears the same as the Bantam 1600 although with higher spindle speed and different badging.

        Will let you know how it works out. I have much more fear than ambition when it comes to moving a 1200 lb machine but if the price is right, I can probably get a local mover to get it into the basement for a reasonable amount.

        I'll probably take a half vacation day this week and visit it again with dti, test bar and a few other goodies.



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          "Cammet Micro precision taper roller bearing" means nothing and don't worry that fancy name. And 2 HP in 220 is plenty powerful for that size lathe.
          1200 Lbs is not all that intimidating, take it apart as much as you can. Change gears could be purchased from Boston Gear for very little cost.
          Welcome to the Colchester lathe owners fraternity.


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            Got the price down to $2500, contingent on it checking out. Found the change gear set bolted under the pan

            With tools, oils and rags in hand, spent 2 hours playing with it. Headstock was quiet at all speeds and the gears were beautiful. Drive train, brake, etc. looked good. D1-3 spindle had about a 1/2" stretch that was damaged and ground down, only affecting 1/2 the taper depth. TIR = 0.0002

            Chucked a 1" endmill shank and read +/- 0.001 about 1" out ... not bad.

            How to measure the bed wear ... without much in the way of tooling. I cleaned, oiled and wiped the tailstock ways (sorry, don't recall their name), since they appeared to have little wear other than coolant stains. Slapped the dti magnetic base on the cross slide and indicated the flat way for the tailstock. Started cranking ... zero ... zero ... wait a minute ... .001, .002, .003 ... .005 under the chuck

            I'm not in a position to deal with regrinding the bed so I said goodbye to this lovely little machine