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Trinco grit blaster questions

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  • Trinco grit blaster questions

    We have a Trinco brand grit blaster that has been dis-assembled for many years that we are trying to get back in working order.

    Can someone tell me how the vacuum unit goes back together? The unit resembles the unit on the web page linked below.


    Errol Groff
    Errol Groff

    New England Model Engineering Society

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    Re: Trinco Blast Cabinet

    Erol...This unit is exactly the same as the one we had in the shop in Oceanography At FSU.

    The vacuum unit is a two piece (two barrels) assembly, one sitting atop the other. There is a rubber gland that is clamped around one, I think the top one, that slips over the end of the other. The top barrel has a canvas bag, held up in the drum by a steel strap, riveted to the lip l80* apart. It is all a very primitive lashup but works pretty well.

    The bottom barrel collects the dust and debris. The canvas bag keeps the dust from getting into the motor and out into the room (sort of). The inlet hose goes into the side of the bottom barrel.

    We had a problem with excess dust in ours due to people turning the air pressure up to 100psi, which destroyed the glass bead and turned it into fine dust. We put a small squirrel cage fan to pick up the dust and "help" it into the vacuum hose inlet, since no amount of yelling could keep the culpret from overpressurizing the nozels.
    Jim (KB4IVH)

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