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My "new to me", not so new Worthington air compressor

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    Obviously my memory is seriously flawed, or I received the wrong info. It was many years ago that I was described the procedure, and have never witnessed it myself.

    Your science is correct. If a fluid filled vessel is pressurized to some given number, then ruptures, the "pop" will almost instantaneously release all pressure. I have blown a few hydraulic jacks under high pressure, but since the force contained within the cylinder was static (no pump continuing to force fluid into the cylinder), the oil just oozed out, and did not stream.

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      Don't feel bad...I just spent fifteen minutes looking for my glasses...I had them on.
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        Hey cuemaker, If you are not sure about plumbing your compressor, don't run it until you post some pictures after you replumb it. It looks to me, after further review, that the outlet of both heads are connected together. If so you may break the valves if you start it up and it is plumbed incorrectly.



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          Have no fear...I shall do a rough plumb and take a new pic...its going to be awhile as i need to repaint the tank and stuff...


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            Originally posted by Willy
            I can almost say for sure that around these parts a commercial hydro-test will cost as much if not more than a new tank of the size you have.

            I'm not so sure..... priced new 2 wheel tanks with handle and platform..... $300 to $400. NOT what I had in mind at all.
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