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Cleaning Aluminumn Sheeting

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    Originally posted by Evan
    As someone who likes to play with hydrofluoric acid[...]
    -Gosh, yes. I fill my kiddie pool with it and use it to bathe the cat.

    Careful there, your brittle ego is showing again.

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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      Don't you just hate it Doc when you don't have a leg to stand on? Again.
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        I do find it annoying to be constantly cautioned about hazards that are truly so obvious even an absolute moron would recognize them, e.g. the caution on folding sunscreens for windshields "...WARNING - remove before driving!.."

        But I for one greatly appreciate being warned, even over and over, about serious chemical hazards, since I don't regularly deal with such things.

        The danger is made worse too, because there's so many of the printed warnings, especially about substances "...the state of California has determined to be hazardous", that are relatively benign. That tends to mask the significance of those warnings about really bad stuff.

        Even with the warnings above, I'll not likely remember much beyond next week just how bad hydroflouric acid or methylene chloride is, so I'd be happy to see it repeated every couple of days.
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          Originally posted by Evan
          I don't "play" with methylene chloride any more than I play with molten lead. The issue with hydrofluoric acid is the ease with with it can be absorbed through the skin and the extreme effects that it produces. I have made it abundantly clear in my postings that methylene chloride is on the chemical "bad actor" list.

          From the post you linked to:
          "I also use chemical polishing to really clean up the machine marks. The chemical is Methylene Chloride, one of the top list bad actors so a lot of care must be taken to avoid over exposure. "

          I posted about the Zep-a-Lume as a warning to anybody considering using it since you did not. It certainly is a product that poses a real hazard if used carelessly.
          I appreciated the warning Evan.

          I was aware of the dangers of hydrofluoric acid.

          I did not know you could buy it without a permit.

          Things you learn on HSM.



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            Originally posted by Doc Nickel
            Here's a piece I just finished, and by coincidence, Zepped between these two posts:

            Looks good! I found it pretty cheap online ($26.88/gallon):


            Apparently NAPA stores carry it too.
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              **** Evan

              Do I owe you Money>??? Are you trying to get me to kill myself accidently. You sure love freaky chemicals. I guess thats what is needed as this aluminumn looks like you could grow something on its surface. I been thinkin of a floor buffer wuith a giant red scotch bright pad on it>>


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                Don't worry about lye Mike. You can eat the stuff (not straight though!). Just don't splash it in your eyes. Lye is used to make Lutefisk and hominy grits among other things.
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                  Thanx Evan