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Any one have sterolithography experience?

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  • Any one have sterolithography experience?

    I need a quick education on sterolithography. I am mainly interested in the type that extruds a plastic. Not the liquid crystal type. They seem to run the whole price spectrum. I am assuming the 2-3 thousand dollar range is a get what you pat for senerio but I don't know this for sure. The 10k one from Japan look like a great value but are not imported to the US. (patent infrigment?). Used one are as scarce as hens teeth. I need this to hold a plus or minus .002 tolerence and would like to stay away from the 200 dollar a pound resins. (That seems to be a drawback form the lower cost units). We are working on a project that is time sensitive so any help at all would be awsome.

    Kind regards

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    Build your own
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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      So are you looking for a machine or are you looking to learn about service groups that do SLA?
      I in the past years have used a handful of companies for SLA and have had some 3D printing done.


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        Looking to purchase. And hopefully just one time. We would like to be capable of runnig within a month, so a home built might not fit that part of the goal. Though it is a tempting idea it seems risky. I wondered if any one in this forum has attempted this?



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          Hoof- We use SLA's all the time at work. We don't own a machine, we rent it.
          But I think +/-.002 is not goint to happen, especially with the type of machine you are talking about. I could be wrong, and companies may advertise that tolerance, but I haven't seen that.
          If we need high tolerance and finish, one of the better companies we've worked with is FineLine. They are on the web. Fast turn exelent quality.
          No affiliation.
          On line quote system, and thier website has lots of info to help you with material selection.



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            I got the impression the machines were rather pricey. I have always sent the work out.
            I have not connection to other than a happy customer. And any one I have referred to them have been happy.


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              We have a Dimension SST printer. .010 fine res, .013 low res mode. Uses ABS plastic with a soluble support structure. it dissolves in a caustic solution.

              .002 is just not possible with one of these machines. Thats the size of a hair.