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Does Phase 2 = Enco?

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  • Does Phase 2 = Enco?

    I am looking into getting a H/V rotary table and looking through the Enco catalog it appears that the Enco and Phase 2 tables are the same although they list them separately. The "sale" catalog describes the Enco part number for complete package with tailstock and plates as a Phase 2. I'm thinking this is the way to go. Can anyone tell me if they are the same unit?


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    While they may seem very similar I don't believe they are identical, Enco, Grizzly, Phase 2, and Vertex all have their differences and are priced accordingly. Like most things these days the old Enco products seem to have been better quality but they still maybe good enough? There are some Indian tables out there that appear to look exactly like Vertex but thats were the comparison ends.......frown. Enco seems to usually have some continuous sale on Phase 2 with the lowest prices around.
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      The Phase II stuff generally is not too bad, I view them as a slight cut above the general chinese stuff, and from posts I've seen users have generally been happy with Phase II rotary tables. Phase II has their own website, and I think they have US reps you can call and ask questions about their products.

      However with any of this chinese stuff, you need to give it very close going over when you receive it, typically something will need some attention, it can be cheap fasterners, out of adjustment, gritty lubricant or worse, ie refabricating a part.

      If something is too far off I just send it back, so be prepared to do that.

      Good luck-

      Paul T.


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        I do not know if they are the same . But with my many passed experiences with Enco I would buy the Phase II . I KNOW it is good .
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          Phase II is a separate importer, I've been to their Secaucus warehouse and picked up a vise there. He opened the box and let me check it out before buying! The manager claimed they search out the best quality in China before negotiating price. They're certainly a cut above the rest of the imports on the stuff I've used.
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            Thanks for the feedback.
            I talked to a very nice lady at Enco and she cleared this up for me. She looked up the suppliers and they are different. The sales flyer ad says Phase II Rotary Tables and Sets but....the left hand column with the tables only are Phase II and the right hand column with the "sets" are Enco. The ad doesn't make this clear so buyer beware. The part numbers are only one digit off but the price totals for the sets didn't seem to add up for all that was included. I'm thinking of getting the 8" Phase II H/V table only for now since I really don't have a need for the tailstock or dividing plates and I think the quality will be better.