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clutch and brake friction material

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  • clutch and brake friction material

    Gunnysnow's post just brought up a question I had regarding bonding friction material to backing materials. I know that some places will reline clutches or brake pads. And, I've heard that there are only a few manufacturers of friction material. Is buying bulk friction material and relining pads or disks a conceivable small shop operation? With the retail price of some pads hovering around $100 and some clutch disks in the $200-$300 range relining looks attractive (unless you know of a reason why it's not). I've also wanted to research/experiment with titanium pad backing plates. Any input?

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    I would think that Titainium would be ok if you have to save weight. Ragarsed Raglin (Martin) could tell you from an authoritative view if this makes any sense as he works with F1 cars daily.


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      I remember JC Whitney selling brake relining kits for old cars. I just checked, and they don't seem to carry it any longer.

      You might try some suppliers of early automobile resoration parts (as in "Model T" parts.)

      As for titanium backing plates, I think that would be rather low on the cost/benefit scale. I can't imagine saving more than a couple of ounces weight.


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        I have done it in industrial apps and on some old tractors,it easy and will save you money,McMaster-Carr has a good assortment of lining material and adhesives,Loctite is also a source for the glue,most of the ones I have done involved both glue and rivits,best way I found to cut the lining is with a remmington grit edge bandsaw blade,I use photo mount adhesive to glue some heavy printer paper to both sides,trace out my pattern then cut,drill holes,remove paper and clean for gluing,makes for a real nice cut.
        I just need one more tool,just one!