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    I have a line on an older Bridgeport "in the rough". I was hoping someone could help me out before I do something entirely stupid. I have the serial number and year of manufacture...(SN:59663/DOB:1962). There is a chance that I could buy this thing dirt cheap, but I can't go see it prior to buying. What should I do? Take a chance or not?

    One other thing...Is it possible to retrofit a single phase motor to a machine like this?
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)

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    Here are some pics...
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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      Define "dirt cheap."

      You could install a single-phase motor, but a better option would probably be to get a VFD, which would solve the 3-phase problem and also give you variable speed. (See previous threads on VFDs).

      I would be REALLY reluctant to buy a used machine without seening it first. If it turns out to be junk, 2,000 pounds of cast iron could be tough to get rid of.
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        Dear Sir:
        Yes, you can retrofit a single phase motor to it. My friend did. Or you could use a phase converter which generates three operate off single phase.
        Jack C.


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          It is a government auction...Starting at $25.00. Plus it would take a day to go get it and bring it home. Then the real work would start to get it into shape to really do anything. As far a scrapping it, I am confident that I could get rid of it if I had to. There are several scrap yards in my area that would take it, and not charge me anything for taking it.
          Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)


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            that is my kind of deal. i'd go for it. i don't know when the bidding ends, but i bet it goes for more than $25.00.

            andy b.
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              It appears to have vari speed drive, the large table and extended knee.
              It does not look to be in that bad shape. Worth quite a bit of dirt in my opinion.
              Worst case, you can blow it out and sell parts on eBay for fun & profit.
              Jim H.


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                They all are useless scrap without a machinist.

                Mine was a cast off, I paid too much money for it, went too far to get it. Have worked on it too much, it has paid back the investment several times over now thou.. And I still have a nice machine..

                Now, it needs a new processor. I might use the old 486 laying around.. It has currently a 2.4 gig intel machine on it. (it is a cnc) Motherboard has taken a dump.. won't boot..

                How bad do you want it? Do you have a place to put it? can you move it? Scrap is LOW... I have a neighbor with about 500 cars he is waiting on the price of scrap to go up.. It hasn't for a couple of years.. Now he has a mess.

                Ohh.. and I recomend the VFD at 230$ it solves the 3 phase problem, single phase in, 3 ph out.. and you got unlimted speed control.

                I have one on mine.

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                  Go for it,just don't get your hopes up,usually anything with BP on it goes high,if I were going after it I would go as high as $500.00 without being able to feel the tables,one thing to remember is that if the Servo power feed works its worth $250.00 on ebay.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Eeeeeeue... That's ugly! You better get that and hold for me. I'll take THAT scrap.

                    Kidding aside, a machine like that will go for $2400+ down here in South Texas. Is that machine in Houston? (I see NASA on the building) I bet it goes WAY over $25!


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                      I have a 1940 Bridgeport S/N 370. I got my Husband to do the Machine into a Garage Mill 220 singjle Phase. He took the Motor into a Motor Shop and had it rewound to single phase and they built a little metal box with a capacitor in it to tune the Hertz Range. Then back together and its worked perfect and has for many years. Also had wacky Y ways but a few Hours with an old 67 year old machine fitter friend and a couple Files and the y ways are Perfect. At least good enough for me. It cost me $1900. dollars a for the mill and $340 for the motor conversion. This is Canadian currency. I hope this helps you. Audrey


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                        It's funny to me the Weirdscience hit my top price for the item exactly. Of course if there was some tooling included with it I would look at that very carefully because that is an investment that is at least equal to, if not many times greater than the machine itself. Manual machines are perfect for "one off" machining. I'm learning CNC and have just a small amount of experience in machining compared to all the members of this BBS but I am happy with this approach. One of the first negative things that I see in the picture is the outdoor storage. I don't see any tarps around either. I'd look for a deal and expect to really go through it from top to bottom, if you want a machine that you can wrap your arms around. If you can't really determine the condition of it you should bid on it like it is "a pig in a poke." When I was looking for a mill I looked at everything within 100 miles. Not many came up and I only passed on, or was outbid on two of them. I'm happy now that I was. The Mill that I bought had failed to sell on Ebay because it didn't meet the reserve. That also helped lower the price. I later found out that it had been through two or three owners that had never got the CNC electronics working (I did.) Now I am learning some great modern software to do the CNC code creation and it is getting very exciting and enjoyable. I'm a big proponent of it, although it is very complex.
                        I wish you the best, no matter what.


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