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Will a CXA tool holder fit a BXA tool post?

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  • Will a CXA tool holder fit a BXA tool post?

    The question is will a CXA lathe tool holder fit on a BXA tool post? Or can it be made to work? I have a piston type tool post if it makes any difference.

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    See if this thread answers your question, a quick read indicates as was suspected, they will not fit.


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      Since the CXA is larger than the BXA, I know it should be a sloppy fit on the tool post. I guess what I am asking is "can it be made to work with a shim?"

      The reason for the question is that I see used Aloris knurling tools in the CXA, at reasonable prices used, but rarely see the BXA ones.

      I would like to have one like this:
      but there is no need to buy something I can't make work.


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        Just buy a sissor tool with 1/2 or 5/8" shank and stick it into a normal toolholder.
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          And the answer is no.
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            Originally posted by lane
            And the answer is no.
            Thanks, I guess I will have to wait for the BXA or buy the scissor one.