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  • ferrules

    I want to make some awl hasps out of wood. I need ferrules to place on them. Looking for the tapered steel type. Anyone know where I can find them in small numbers. I have not turned up any on the net.
    John L

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    Don't know about tapered. I've seen copper and steel ferrules made of pipe, however.


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      find some 1" or 1-1/4" copper fittings at your local Borg... they will do just fine.


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        This what you are looking for?

        Try this. This vendor has a large variety of hardware.,41504



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          I have seen them, but was looking for one that is longer and tapered Wish I could post a picture here, I could show you better than I can tell you
          John L


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            For 1 and 2s turn em

            For 50
            For most satisfaction and appearance spin them on a maple dowel
            The major technology is how to anneal and how to apply the spinning lever.
            Spinning works two ways
            Spin a tube down to make a cap
            Spin a sheet over to make a cap

            For a really heavy duty ferrule on a slick (really big chisel) form a hot piece of pipe to the right taper and weld or silver braze it onto the existing ferrule.

            For heavy stuff some guys lay out a cone on sheet metal cut to a pattern and roll, then torch weld or silver/ everdur braze.

            The fastest is stretch wrap a tinned wire.
            While holding the tension quick touch a hot iron with a drop of tin/silver solder.
            Trim the tensioned end to taste.

            For 500 draw them like Lee Valley does.

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