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Churchill Lathe Problem ?

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  • Churchill Lathe Problem ?

    Does anyone here have a Churchill Lathe or know anything about one?

    When I turn my 12x36 Lathe on in the morning and pull the lever to engage the spindle it slips. For several minutes the motor runs but the spindle is must barely moving no matter what gear it is in.

    At first I assumed the V belts were slipping but after double checking that it is not slipping.

    It looks to me like there is some type of friction clutch that puts the spindle in gear. After the clutch slides for a few minutes friction must be causing it to get hot and expand because the spindle picks up speed and the lathe works fine.

    If I turn the lathe off for 30 minutes then try to use it again I have the same problem again the spindle takes several minutes before it will come up to speed.

    I need to know how to fix the problem.

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    Can't help you specifically, but this is not an uncommon problem. Do some "exploring" in your headstock. There should be some type of collar that you can turn to adjust the clutch. Not sure if this is of any help, but you can also see here: