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Saggy Truck Leafs?

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  • Saggy Truck Leafs?

    Our old 1989 Ford Pickup now has a Camper on its Back. The Truck got new Leafs Years ago but the Drivers side sags a lot. It could be my old Mans 260 Pounds and also the Camper has all the Fridge, Stove and Water Tank on that side also. What is the cheapest way to repair this? I know this isnt a Machinist Question but I know that I will get some great Advice. One guy told me to put one leaf into the one side only. What do you think? Also one guy at a spring shop was telling me to put solid (HERCULES) adjustable rubber snubbers on the Truck. These adjust independantly for Height per side. Then he told me they dont sell them anymore. Any Info Guys? Any help would be great. Thanx Audrey

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    First thing I would do it take it to a truck scale and have it weighed, each wheel independently, to see if balance is the problem. Once you know how that stands then you are in a better position to decide what further action to take.
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      Audrey, You should be able to weigh the truck at a variety of places. Bean plant, sand and gravel place etc.
      This past year, I went from a camper to a 5th wheel. The camper that I had was a 9.5' Lance and it was on a '79 F250. I crossed the scales loaded at just under 10,000. I drove this thing this way for years, but it was too much camper for the truck.
      That said, I used a set of air bags under the back end. Do not confuse these with air shocks. Anyway, with 55 lbs of air, the truck rode as level as when it was unloaded. They also greatly reduce side sway. You can put up to 100 lbs in them. I have the kit, two bags, brackets, hoses etc sitting in the shop. You are welcome to them if you want them. E-mail me if you do, and I will ship them to you. You can reimburse me the shipping after you get them. I think the kit is about $175-$200 new. These are Air/Lift brand, and you can look them up on line.
      I would still take a look at the springs, just to be sure they are safe. Mike


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        Weight the unit and finding out the weight distribution is a must. As said before you will have something to work with once that information is available.

        There are overlosd or helper springs available at a reasonable price. It is an extra spring leaf that has a different arch and as added to the existing spring. It only works when the original springs are almost fully loaded. If the original springs are sagging due to overload and time you could have them re-arched to bring them back to the original configuration.

        Hope this helps.



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          Yes on the re-arch and on the airbags.

          On big trucks you have high and low springs.Put them side by side and if they are specific one will be lower than the other,the low one goes on the passenger side of the vehicle to compensate for road crown.This may not apply to you,but on a big truck it will put the top of the trailer over the centerline if backwards.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Firestone makes air lifts that work really well. They do not fatigue like metal springs.