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I Got To Apologize to Everyone.

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  • I Got To Apologize to Everyone.

    A while back I posted I had a pile of Measuring Equipment to get rid of. Dial Mikes and height gauge and other things like indicators and such. Well ,, I had a couple of guys come to my shop, one was well off and a nice guy. The other was a beginning machinist hobbyist with not much money . To make a long story short well I ended up trading a bunch of stuff (for things I didnt need) and gave away a pile of stuff (because what do you get on ebay for a starret bore gauge or telescopic set 5 bucks???) Anyhow i ended up sort of giving it all away to people who needed it so to speak. Theres still some other stuff squirrelled away and ill try hard to post them in the near future. Sorry. This just happened out of thin air and the stuff was gone mike

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    It's your stuff. Do whatever you want with it.


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      Originally posted by Rustybolt
      It's your stuff. Do whatever you want with it.

      A deserving cause is easier to judge face to face anyway.
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        yea I don't get what your appologizeing for, other then maybe tradeing for stuff you don't need (yet), but thats life. Shiny bobbles make our brains go round. Clearly you wanted X more then Y and he wanted Y more then X so now both of you are happyer, even if neither has anything they will use.

        If I was ashamed of all the stuff I own and don't need (yet) id be on a sucide watch list.

        I do however light up with glee when I go 'Hey so how will I do... oh wait I bought the perfict tool for that awhile ago and don't need to abuse some other tool or make a tool for it to work'

        As for giving stuff away, A+ to you. Lots of us have duplicate (or 'lesser quality' versions of) tools and stuff we really should be passing on.
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