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surface grinder new magnetic base

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  • surface grinder new magnetic base

    When you grind in a new magnetic base do you grind the surface where part goes or the bottom side where it bolts down?

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    I have had to grind in machine table before mounting mag. One shouldn't have to though, check out this mounting surface good, stone all the little dings and such off both bottom of magnetic chuck bottom and the machine itself. If everthings seems nice and flat, mount it, paying close attention to cleanliness between surfaces. Wipe surfaces with rag, then wipe with palm of hand, might spread a light film of light oil on surfaces, also indicate the fence bar at this time if it has one.

    This mag chuck should sit right nicely on machine, no rock and roll whatever before bolting or strapping down, if there is high spot you will be able to detect it. If you are really worried about it, get out the blue dykum.

    Then once mag chuck strapped down good, then take a light grind on surface. Make sure wheel is dressed up good, and make sure to spark it out well. Less than .002 should do it.


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      Halfnut has it just right I think. It may be a good idea to plunge grind the fence too if you have the appropriate wheel. Get it indicated close as possible first of course.


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        I also concur with halfnut but you should make sure the magnet is on when grinding it and take a cleanup pass of no more than 2 tenths, and let it spark out.