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HEAD, SIDE, OFF discs for Lucas ignition/headlight switches

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  • HEAD, SIDE, OFF discs for Lucas ignition/headlight switches

    Lucas must have made a few million of these ignition/headlight switches, just about every British car from the 30s to the end of the 50s was fitted with one.

    Despite Prince Lucas' rather dire reputation these are not a bad switch, they have a good mechanism and last for years. They just need to be dismantled and have the gunk cleaned out once every 30 or 40 years.

    One thing that does fail is the plastic disc shown here, the plastic tends to shrink over time causing the plastic ring to crack, and the lettering becomes worn from the movement of the switch. Very little of the disc is seen, but the faded lettering detracts from the appearance of the dashboard in a restored vehicle.

    The disc is 1.375" OD and is 1mm or 40 thou thick. Cutting a disc I guess is easy, the lettering is the tricky part, it needs to be routered and then back filled with black paint.

    Has anyone here with CNC tackled these before or is interested in tackling them?

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    Will a legend plate off a later 343 switch do ?
    You can get these in brown on white but don't know id they will mate up with your cutouts as your switch is a 342.

    Scroll down this page.


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