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Grinding Brad Points/ Optima?

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  • Grinding Brad Points/ Optima?

    I was hoping some one could tell me which grinder could grind brad points repeatably consistently? I believe I have a line on a Farrel Sellers 1G-a though I know that machine does not grind brad points, I'd like to know what machine does so I can keep an eye out on one. Optima? Deckle? Oliver 21?

    San Diego

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    There are enough different definitions for "brad", would you be more specific?



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      brad as in Fuller type wood drill bits.



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        Brad point drill bits are an adaptation of the age old auger bit.
        They are even available in carbide tipped.
        How small a bit do you want to work.

        Because of multiple other uses needs for maintaining cutting edges, having a special bit only grinder I believe is resource restricted.
        Any grinder running a narrow straight wheel with a formed corner will handle brad points.

        If you want the feed screws and precision of a T&C grinder, almost any does the job, and will handle planer jointer knives, chisels, router and shaper bits, plane blades Scraper edges ad infinitum.

        Used manual machines are plentiful and almost available at scrap prices.

        Mount the bit in a 'V' retainer. (as in a piece of angle with an adjustable back stop.

        Set the chisel at the appropriate angle and depth to have the wheel cut the end face of the bit with appropriate relief angle, and use infeed to start, and side feed to complete the chisel edge.
        The bit may need rotating to have the formed wheel corner cut the knife lip.

        Rotate the bit 180 to do the other side.

        The centering point can also be touched off using the formed corner of wheel.

        Hth Ag


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          Ag, Thats the kind of lead I was hoping for.

          When you mention any tool and cutter grinder you mean like a Cincinnati #2? I am taking allot of interest toward a vintage manual grinder like that.



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            A Cincinnati #2 tilt head with 24" travel, and a work head would be the cat's meow. Standard travel not far behind.

            The steep spindle taper makes easy wheel changes to put on a really fine wheel for last finish on really keen edges. Stuff you hope for when planing a diving grain.

            Quick comment, Never grind planer blades, carbide anything or cobalt steels anything dry. and never never ever buy coolant from an outfit that pushes floor wax.

            Hth Ag


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              Ag, what is the problem with dry grinding? As long as the feed isnt too heavy. I sharpen planer and jointer blades on a 6"x80" belt sander with a 200 grit belt. To send them out for sharpening, I pay about $40.00 for a set of 3 12" blades, as well as delivering and pick-up. A belt costs me about $10.00 and should be good for several sets. My friend's 4-blade 20" unit will cost the best part of $80.00 to sharpen. Duffy
              Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec