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  • Black powder

    I was just wondering if it would be worth it to make your won black powder, i know the main ingredients and the basics of making it, but i would wa until i was around somebody who knew aoubt it, but would it really be worth it?

    Does anyone actually read siglines?

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    NO!!! If you do this we will no longer have the pleasure of your company. NO!!!!!

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      If you were in a post apocalyptic world, it would be very important to know.

      Know this, real black power is extremely static sensitive - many professional powder makers lost BP plants before Hogden Pyrodex (nitrocellulose based) Powder was invented. It is much safer to handle.

      Mixing the components for real black powder can set it off. Transport of Black powder requires the same permits as blasting caps (class C). Pyrodex is a class A explosive like modern smokeless powder. I refused to keep BP in my powder magazine - too dangerous.

      So, don't even think about it - acedemic reading aside.


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        I took some black powder, rolled it up in newspaper with a small wire in the middle. Hooked it up to a battery. It sizzled.

        I picked it up about two minutes later, it went whoosh and flew out of my fingers like a rocket, blew up and shook the houses in the neighborhood.

        If it had blew in my fingers, they would be gone. No more fingers to pick my nose or fire my target pistols.

        Black powder can be really dangerous.


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          By all means, listen to what your friends have told you.

          It's not worth messing with and may be illegal.

          Stick to building cool mechanical stuff. There is a lot more future in it.

          I tell you this from experience:
          It was a cool March morning in 1968, I was 14 years old. Only by the Grace of God am I still alive.

          Please don't mess with explosives.



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            Listen to the guys. Leave the BP alone unless your are using antique firearms. If you don't get killed or injured you will probably end up in trouble with the law. I have made countless responses to scenes where kids and adults were trying to manufacture various explosive compounds. Some lost their eyes and hands while others lost their homes. The lucky ones just went to jail. Retired 28 years with Bomb Squad


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              Okay, i just wondered if it was still made at home. Well i guess that is the end of that. thanks guys.
              Does anyone actually read siglines?


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                This is definitly a smart young man we have here fellows!
                To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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                  Making black powder in your house or in your shed is illegal in Canada. To make it legally requires reams of paperwork (expensive license) a properly constructed manufacturing plant (HE magazines), extensive training in the handling of explosives and insurance out the wazoo.
                  When you can buy it for $25 a pound it makes little sence to make your own.


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                      Howdy Shed! It is great to hear of a young man taking interest in mechanical stuff.Homwbrewed Black powder is really a BAD idea. I thing part of the process is called 'corning'. The mixture dries into a big cake. A machine with wooden paddles hammers it into small grains. The powder is shifted trough brass screens (anti-static) to get the various sizes. Fg, FFg,FFF, etc. Pounding on a lump of explosive with a hammer is sure to shorten one's life. DON'T do it!!! Static electricity has killed many black powder users also. Why not a few experiments with soda bottles, water and compressed air. Try to improve on your power to weight ratio. Maybe a smaller nozzle, less water more pressure, etc. Get you science or physics teacher to give you some info and formulas. You sound like a fine young man, and know to never aim even a water rocket at another person. Be safe, Regards, Tim

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                        Perhaps GA you could tell us whats so smart about a child wanting to make black powder.Sorry I don't get it.Alistair
                        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                          Alistar, I belive GA said Shed was smart for making the following statement:
                          "Well i guess that is the end of that. thanks guys."
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                            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Alistair Hosie:
                            Perhaps GA you could tell us whats so smart about a child wanting to make black powder.Sorry I don't get it.Alistair</font>
                            The pursuit of knowledge by a young mind is a wonderful thing. Asking older folks for guidance is very wise and a rare quality these days. This kid gets and "A" from me. Tim


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                              I should really stop watching the history channel!
                              Does anyone actually read siglines?