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    Does anyone have any experience with Red Cam's CNC Router products? I was looking at their small CNC router set up and would like to hear from anyone with hands on knowledge of this product.
    Thanks for your help.

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    I don't have any experience with Red Cam. I have built my own Plasma/router table and they really are not that bad to build..I feel the turnkey ones are somewhat over priced, But they are specialty items. I have less than $2500 into my table and it has a 4' but 8' cutting area. If you would like some more info on building your own let me know and I'll post some links to various sites that will help you out. Also Ebay can be a decent place to find parts for building a table.



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      Did you use screws, belts, racks or cables?
      Steppers or servos?
      What kind of accuracy do you hold? approx


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        Jeffry 71;
        Thanks for the offer. I don't know much about plasma cutters. Can they be used on wood? I am trying to set up a bit of automation in my fishing lure production. The CNC routers look like the answer to my problems. I agree, they are a little pricey. The one I was looking at on the Red Cam site was $9000US.
        Thanks again.


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          The unit I built uses "rack and Pinion" It was specifically built for plasma cutting so I didn't need the accuracy.. But, I have mounted a router on it and was very happy with the accuracy. (I have used 1/8" bits and can get great detail with it) The rack and pinion is spring loaded so there is no backlash to worry about. I used steppers and am happy with them. More and more people are going with servos now and I think on my next project I may use servos. I will be building another unit specifically for running a router and will most likely use "belts" for the drive except fot the z axis wich will be screw.

          Plasma is just for cutting metal.. If your using it for cutting lures. I'm thinking you would need to use a 4th axis/rotary table. One thing to remember you will most likely need some type of Cam software.. that can be pricey to depending on what you need.
          you may also want to check out some of these units (I really know nothing about them so you will need to do some research.)

          Look in under milling/engraving products on the Roland site.

          Also for specific help on CNC type of stuff Yahoo has a very active group.



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            I'm always looking at how other people have come up with CNC solutions. It seems to be the most DIY high-tech area around.

            I'm CNC'n my mini-mill to make molds for my plastic injector. Going with some rolled ball screws because the mill is so small and the total travel on most of my sized molds is 4"x4".

            I've got 3 huge Sigma 635oz steppers from ebay and the power supply to drive them properly. Sure, they're probably overkill but so what - more power - grunt.

            I think with the prices on servos and servo drives coming down we'll see a lot more. I've got 3 nice Pittman servo's with 4000ppr quad encoders waiting for something to do. I might use them on a large plasma cutter table for the higher GO travel speeds to get around the 4x8 table.


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              Looks good! I think it is absolutly amazing to put all the peices together and then see the machine acutally work!! I was so excited when I first got my unit working and it still gives me a thrill when I run it. I have purchased servo motors and drives for a mill conversion but I have not had time to finish making my mounting brackets. Hopefully this winter I will get a chance.