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  • power!

    The electrician should be out this week to start wiring my shop. This basically means to run a 220 line across the basement. The Ms doesn't want me doing electrical work Can't say I blame her since I am wholly untrained.

    The line will terminate in a breaker box and include a few 110v circuits and power a VFD for the lathe for 3-phase goodness.

    Then I'll have to finish the lathe, heh.

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    I bet it feels like Christmas in only a couple more sleeps. Get lots of sleep over the next couple of days, because I'm sure you'll be up late playing will all your new toys later in the week.

    Have fun.


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      A week ago today the electricians finished (well, 99% finished because I asked for another security light that they didn't have on the truck) up wiring my outbuilding/workshop. We're the old school, pay as we go types so it has taken a while. Two weeks from today my 2 overhead doors are supposed to be installed and then I can move even more stuff in. I'm also picking out a compressor to put in the shop. At this point I've pretty much narrowed it down to an Ingersoll Rand, single-stage, 5 hp, 60 gallon compressor.

      Anyway, rancherbill mentioned it feeling like Christmas. I know I've been feeling like it's Christmas for a week now.

      Good luck with the wiring.


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        I still have plenty to do on the lathe so it will be a while yet. I'll check finances and see about a QCTP given my lathe has a lantern and no tool holders.

        Then I need to bite the bullet and get the darn chuck off the thing.