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Best DRO prices **UK ONLY*

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  • Best DRO prices **UK ONLY*

    I'd like a little help please.
    Anyone know who's got the best Chinese type DRO prices in the UK these days? looking for a 3 axis for my Induma (Italian BP clone) 24, 12 &18" -ish.

    Thanking you for your time.


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    It's a toss up between Machine-DRO and Jade who has the best deal.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      You can get a Schumatec..if your up for a little soldering..

      I fitted a Machine-DRO sourced readout and sino scaled DRO to a friends lathe and he's very happy with it..replaced his crapped out Heidenhein.



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        YMMV but...

        From the experience of two of us on this board,forget the Shumatec set up.
        Mine was not at all reliable,frequently the display froze anything between a few minutes and a few days of switching on therefore losing all the set up zero points,not ideal in the middle of a job.
        Frequently required a lot of switching on and off to get all the displays to light up.

        I got so fed up I ditched mine and fitted a Sino set up and now have a lot more accurate readout and it's not lost the zero yet after several months.I thought the Sino seemed expensive at first,but not as expensive as paying for the Shumatec and then having to scrap it.



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          Thankyou for the replies, looks like prices have taken a hike - so what's new.

          Take care, Sami.