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OT: Solvent for automotive carpet pad adhesive?

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  • OT: Solvent for automotive carpet pad adhesive?


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    WD-40 and time, keep it moist with the stuff for a few hours


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      My two general-purpose solvents are paint thinner (mineral spirits) and denatured alcohol. Generally, what one won't dissolve the other will. But not always.....

      My other choice would be lacquer thinner or acetone or something like that but yeah, it will take the paint off, too.

      I've heard of something called "Goo-Gone" that's supposed to be pretty good, but I've never tried it.
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          Try a heat gun and a scraper. Some of those things soften enough to scrape off the worst of it, then try solvent on the remains.


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            I don't know if this will work but recently I was removing wall paper in a kitchen above the counter tops. Used a product called Dif, I think that is the name. Bought it at Lowes. Some of it spilled on the counter tops when I sprayed it on the wall paper. Didn't think much of it so I didn't clean it up until I was finished removing the wall paper. It ate the contact cement and delaminated the counter top. The product is some type of ensime that eats paste and glue.

            I have used acetone to remove the carpet glues in a corvette but it will eat the paint.

            Hope this helps.



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              Sprocket probably has the best idea, IMO. Heat will soften just about any glue. Just don't set it on fire.
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