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OT: Interesting web site on history and birthdates

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  • OT: Interesting web site on history and birthdates

    I found it depressing! I checked to see who else that might be famous was born on my birthdate and it only spit back one name. No one I knew

    I hope you all have the stars working better for you then they are for me !! Anybody else not have to share their exact birthdate with anyone famous? Maybe, like Prince Edward, my delusians of adequacy are founded in some astrological fact
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    Y.O.D. maybe if You attached a link We would know what You are talking about.



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      I think Chelsea Clinton was born on my birthday but I haven't heard that she takes any particular pride in that.

      I know, she doesn't want me to get a swelled head about it, but she doesn't have to worry - she can celebrate and I promise to remain modest. Not too hard since I've got a lot to be modest about.
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        what web site ????????????


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          This is a good one:


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            The best I can do is say I share my birthday with Sheikh Hasina, a Bangladeshi politician.
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              Originally posted by dp
              This is a good one:
              I just ran this one and I seem to be the only one in 1932 :-)


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                My birthday (Oct. 3) is pretty common, probably because it's about 9 months after new year's eve I would imagine mid-November is also a pretty busy time in maternity wards as well. The list includes a few ball players (Matt Murton, Dave Winfield, and Dennis Eckersley), a bunch of actors and musicians, Neve Campbell, Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), Gwen Stefani, Clive Owen (great actor, BTW, rent "Children of Men" if you haven't seen it yet), and Stevie Ray Vaughn to name a few. The biggest surprise I got was the Rev. Al Sharpton.
                Stuart de Haro


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                  My birth day is in May, Tarus the Bull. I share it with the hottie a few doors away She's Tarus the Cow.