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  • Collet chucks

    Has anyone tried the 5C collet chuck sold by CDCO.

    Being of Chinese manufacture and relatively low cost I would assume that results would vary from chuck to chuck but I was wondering if the run out was reasonable, for a home shop not a production shop holding tenths.
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    Works great provided you take some care in fitting it to the backplate. See my article here:

    Note how I set it up based on the actual way it holds the workpiece in a collet. Had I based the mounting by indicating on the exterior of the chuck, it would have been way off. It has a nice ground finish, but it isn't concentric with the collet's axis!


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      Nice write-up BW.

      I have one - it is sorta OK based on me not taking lots of time to mount and true. Someday I'll mount it better

      One thing I did do that you may want to do also is to make a "key" shank for a cordless drill. There is an insane amount of cranking required to load and unload collets. It gets old fast.


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        B.W. Thanks for the write up. I've been toying with the idea of getting a collet chuck but was a little afraid of making a mounting plate. That one you made is just like the one I would need for may grizzle lathe. Still a scrary project but with your write up it would be a lot simpler, AND I would have someone to blame if it didn't work.

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          I bought the same or almost the same 5C collet chuck from the Little Machine Shop, the last time they had them on sale for $139, Also bought the mounting adapter plate from them. It works very well, they only bad side seems to be the amount of turns of the handle to install and remove the collets, I ended up going to a 3/8" socket adapter in a cordless drill to speed up the process, using the handle only to do the final tightening.