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grinding a saw blade tungsten teeth for wood

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  • grinding a saw blade tungsten teeth for wood

    I have been looking at some ways ,since my local saw doctor is not here of sharpening my own tct carbide saw blades. It is on youtube and seems quite an easy task.Don't be fooled into thinking they must be sent off to be done That's a widely healy myth I suspect perpetuated by the saw blade sharpeners. Anyway see here how it's done.
    So my question is have you ever done it guys and was it with a lady er no no sorry wrong thread monty pythonesque anyway back to grinding tct saw blades heve you ever sharpened your own and how did you do it? Pleas if you have any tips let me know.see here kindest regards Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    What does "tct" mean?


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      I think that's 'tungsten carbide tooth/teeth'.

      I've never really ground one, but I have taken a diamond grit sharpening stone, or file ...don't remember which, and tried touching up on the teeth. My efforts didn't seem to make much, if any, difference.
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        Not a bad little machine, speed and accuracy could be improved by setting up a click stop to place the teeth in the right position.

        Also, typically teeth are 'left and right' with the top of the carbide slanted to the outside of the blade. (if making a shallow cut, you get an inverted 'V' in the bottom of the cut.

        Unless I missed a second set-up step, It looked like the machine was grinding them flat on top which would make a rough cut, and would leave a flat bottom, and be more likely to tear out



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          Alistar:- It does not seem to allow for alternate top bevel or triple chip grinding. Basically it is limited to either rip cut or cross cut. Duffy
          Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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            Hi guys It does allow for alternative bevel toothing simply set to 8 degrees to right, do every second tooth then 8 degrees to left to do the ones between .Also tungsten carbide tipped tct.
            Look under youtube at some others and you'll see the alternative bevel settings also it dos have astop between teth to hold everything together til the blade is sharpened then slide back and the next position springs into place and is held to receive the next cut see this one for better view.Love you guys.Alistair

            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease