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Where to buy wire for making motorcycle cables ?

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  • Where to buy wire for making motorcycle cables ?

    Cannot find anything here in AUS. I am after top quality wire for motorcycle cable making. I have the ends, sheath ... just need wire.

    Would someone be so kind and direct me to supplier ?


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    They have 18 different styles of wire rope, in 5 different materials, ranging from .006 to .625" diameter. Might be something that would work there.



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      How about stainless steel aircraft cable or the kind that is used for other uses like what in the US is called wire rope. See my post cardboard tube storage Granted it isn't the same thing, but I replace lawn equipment garden tractors cables with it all the time. It comes in assorted number of wires and sizes. here it is generally sold by chain suppliers.
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        Balustrade supplier. Do you want stainless, gal or what?



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          Thanks very much. Typical motorcycle cable wire is 1.5mm in diameter.


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            If you want stainless, there's plenty on Ebay in various sizes.




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              You can get 1.5mm here.




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                I much prefer to use the 7x19 mil spec cables on my bike, especially the clutch cable (not something you want to break in rush hour traffic damhik)


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                  Stainless would be nice but you'd have to silver solder it. I prefer the standard cadmium-plated steel. With a proper coat of lubrication on it, there won't be any corrosion.

                  Bike cables seldom break in the middle. 99% of the time, it the ends that come off. A good fit, proper spreading of th eends and a good solder job and they will last indefinitely.

                  Another good trick that I learned from my years spent racing in the desert is to install a spare cable next to your clutch cable. When the first one breaks, the other one is already in place. You cold also do that with the throttle cable, although most bikes nowadays have two cables, a pull and a return. Something about safety. LOL.

                  Backup is good on a bike. I recall that the two stoike riders would drill and tap their cylinder heads for a spare spark plug. Strangely, an unused plug n a cylinder head won't foul. When the first one fouls, you only needed to stop and move the plug wire. I never understood that.

                  In any case, spare cables can't hurt.


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                    Don't forget to grease your nipples!
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                      Google it or ask on the ADVRider forum. There is a place you can get any cable or sheath you need. I can't find the link right now, but if/when I do I will post it. BTW, depending on what bike you need cables for, greasing may or may not be appropriate. At some point BMW cable were changed to a teflon type of sheathing and greasing causes dirt to stick, sticky cables and eventual premature cable failure.



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                        bowden cables, stainless are good


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                          Everything you'd ever want for motorcycle cables.

                          If doing throttle cables be aware that there are a couple different ways that they do the cable strands, and one of them is a lot stiffer than the other which can make for a surprising amount of drag in the cable if it has to go through an elbow to get into the carb.

                          IIRC the 1x19 strand is the stiff one compared to the 7x7 strand.