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  • Free to a good home....

    Not sure if there is any interest in an old hand cranked grinder. Perhaps one of you guys doing vintage stuff might like this. I have the one shown here:

    It is about 10" tall.

    Free to the first one who really wants it and gets in touch. Pick up in NE Mass., or I'm willing to ship for cost from 01826. This *may* fit into a large flat rate box but will need to be disassembled to do so. I can't be 100% sure of that until I try, so if not, standard UPS rates apply.

    No markings on it that I can see, the mechanism works pretty freely but it is all really dirty and needs a good cleaning. Pretty neat old tool, but I am out of space for such stuff.

    Hope someone would like this, I hate scrapping cool old stuff.
    -Al A.

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    I also love old tools like that, someone will love it. Got a old hand cranked grinder, but with enclosed gears. The grandkids and other little ones love to crank on it to make "sparks" out of scrap, but this only will last for a few minutes, Get out the hand cranked Ice cream maker and all they want is the finished product. I was brought up with the saying no crank, no eat. I recall using one like yours when I was 5 years old at my grand-paws helping sharping various tools. My personal favorite was a corn cob stripper, or what ever it was, that would strip a ear or dried corn, and then shoot the cob out of the way. I still have room for my old hand grinder and use it for the occasional tool touch up.


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      pm sent



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        Free To a Good Home

        One HSM Machinist . Will Work For BEER.