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  • Skateboard wheels

    Hello everyone,

    My two boys have those "heelies"..(shoes with a little skateboard wheel inside of them)..basically its a skateboard wheel inside of a shoe..

    My question is: What is the material that the wheels are made of?? My youngest lost one of his wheels, and instead of buying another one, i thought I could just machine one. But I have no idea what its made of..they look like they are casted..?? I don't know...Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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    Polyurethane - cast, probably 90 shore. There are a few places that sell it in rod & tube for tool & die work. But if you make a mold (spray it with silicone mold release first!) use the liquid resin - that way you can make more if need be.


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      I gotta say, Thrud, you are a wealth of information . Cnc's to skateboard wheels....too cool.


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        Just cut one from Nylatron. Available from any good plastics supply house. 6000 psi tensile strength, filled with molybdenum disulfide for built in lubrication. Made real good wheels for my sliding glass door. AKA "black nylon". It's not black, it's grey. I asked my wife to buy some BLACK Nylon or Delrin for me in a town 300 klics from here and the guy sold her Nylatron. Good stuff, but not what I had in mind. It's dark grey. I phoned him and asked "What shade of black is this". He says, "It's black Nylon". I says "No, it's grey". He says "No it's black!". I say "Just what shade of black do you mean? Light black or dark black? Or is it really light black?" ??????? DUFUS!!
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          Not a problem Evan. Black being the absence of color, just take an eraser - make sure it's a color eraser, and remove enough grey to give you the darkness of blackness that you desire.


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            thrud's got it right on the nose: urethane.

            typically hardness range is ~82 to 95
            (at least this is what any respectable skate board shop would stock)

            i imagine nylon would be too "slick"

            spent the better part of teenaged years
            getting around on a skateboard. could even do the tricks! in fact i still have it here in my living room, decoration now.

            every now and again i get to urge to pick it up. probably remember just enough to hurt myself pretty good.



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              Thanks for all of the replies...Now I know...

              Oh yeah, and hey Thrud...I am still waiting for your sisters recipe for meatloaf...I check the mail everyday...must of got lost..



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                i started using tools, and now i don't skateboard much, use to be all i did.
                Does anyone actually read siglines?


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                  I have a skateboard, real handy for moving appliances. The thought of standing on it has never entered my mind.
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                    If I stand on a skate board, it will be by accident!. Take 60 years from age and I would try one. Hell,just take 40 years and I would try a lot of things.


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                      I don't think the recipe will help you - standard stuff. It is what the snarly she-devil does to it that makes it great armor plate.. If I could figure it out, we could bake M1A2's and make a fortune!

                      Makes a great anvil...

                      Hey, they still making good Chocky milk down there? Oh, to sit in the Mormon Tabernacle slurpping ice cold Brown moo Juice while they play "inagodadavida" on the pipe organ...Joy!


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                        Casting Urethane for Skate Wheels. Is the casting material difficult to purchase in its liquid state. Where do9 you get it Thrud? thanx Audrey


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                          I buy it from tooling suppliers locally. You could try Do-All in the US or your own tooling distributors. Some Industrial plastics distributors carry it. Any shop that supplies tool & die industry should sell it.

                          You can buy urethan in solid or castable form. The castable form is often used for strippers on punch & die sets. If comes in a variety of Shore ratings. Shore is the hardness or how stiff the urethane is - it ranges from about 10 to 100. The castable stuff can also made in colours by mixing pigment to the resin. 90 Shore is extremely stiff.


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                            I have a customer who uses uv curable urethane. It's only 600 cdn a gallon. Thrud, is that castable urethane a two part, or catalized, or what, to cure?
                            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                     Chattanooga Tn, has a two part castable resin that hardens up to 93.. I have cast gilmer belt gears with great success. Shrinkage is less then one percent.

                              It is used for casting all kinds of projects from sculpture to mechanical projects.

                              It is a honey and a clear, you mix the two together and it sits kinda normal till the flash off time. At that point it starts making lil white tracers then smokes and heats and flashes to a solid white. I ran outa the room when I cast it the first time.

                              I have read about making Nitro-glycerin. If it smokes it blowes. Hence the running like a rabbit.