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Need some end mill advice...

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  • Need some end mill advice...

    Hey guys! This damn thing won't cut....any ideas why???

    Oh...and guess what happened next???
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    What did you do to it ?

    Glad to hear from you, hope things are going well.


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      My God Tork, how fast was you running it, 3000 rpm?
      It's only ink and paper


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        Good to hear from you again Russ!
        I see you haven't lost your sense humor.

        There's nothing wrong with that end just have to lower the quill a smidge.
        Home, down in the valley behind the Red Angus
        Bad Decisions Make Good Stories​


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          Hey, I got a couple drill bits like that- tried drilling some stainless and didn't get the speeds and feeds right. I had them red hot at one point.

          But all was not lost- I cut off the burnt part with a chop disc of some kind and made a special purpose milling cutter out of it- a countersink cutter for socket head bolts. One of them became a round end end mill.
          I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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            Being at a tech school in the machining program really opens ones eyes to how clueless some folks are. I've seen guys nearly break the quill handle cause a 1/2" drill won't cut. Yep, had it running backwards!


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              Looks like a custom counterbore to me


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                You could probably avoid those type of problems if ya learned how to change a light bulb so ya could see what was going on be for its to late



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                  We Been Trying to Tell Ya....

                  Useless Round Column Mills never were any good!!!




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                    As it has been pretty (??) well "dicked" - why not put the fore-skin back on it and with luck it will be able to dick anything (else).

                    You need to look into it - closely
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                      Hmmm.... looks like the kind we use in the Antipodes!


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                        Russ - it looks like it's been a while since that was an end mill. Looks more like a counter bore drill, now. Yikes!

                        I assume you're having a cold snap with your ear muffs on and didn't hear the screeching from that cuss.


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                          "and guess what happened next"

                          You said f---it and sat down with a beer or three?
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            LOL! That is (ok ...was) a cheap chinese end mill.
                            I needed to mill some slots in 3/8" thick mild steel.
                            I'd planned on using this endmill just to use it I drilled a starter hole as it's not a center cutter...
                   was a tiny bit dull to start with...the mill was on 1500 rpm...a little fast for a chinese 3/8" endmill...but it should work...
                            Lower the cutter into the hole...get halfway down and the sparks start to fly...
                            OK....JERK ENDMILL....push hard on the handle...and watch the spark show...very very impressive! Endmill killed like it deserved!!!

                            BUT...not even thinkin...I grabbed one of my good Niagra roughers.
                            Lowered it into the WORKHARDENED hole...yup...tore all the teeth off the good cutter...
                            Hmmm....ok...put in fresh Niagra cutter, just a four flute as I'd just buggered my last rougher.
                            Move back....mill slot.
                            Mill more slots in other doc in one pass.
                            Dang...slots aren't long enough....
                            Run all the pieces thru again...last one....CRAP!!! I was the workhardened piece...and ruined another expensive cutter!
                            Oh boy!!! Take piece out...grind out hardened piece with a die grinder and carbide....put in yet another cutter...and finally got the job done.
                            It was very much fun teachin that china cutter a lesson...but it was also very expensive.
                            Another lesson learned..."Don't get too rammy when yer machining"
                            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                              Ain't it fun.
                              It's only ink and paper