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    I went to an auction in the Detroit area yesterday, and prices for some of the items are interesting in light of recent postings:

    South Bend 13", 30" between centers, with taper att., 8" Buck 6 jaw Adjust Tru, Phase II toolpost (no holders), Jacobs 14N tailstock chuck, quick change, older cast base underneath drive. 2-1/4"-8 spindle. Bed in excellent condition. $600.00

    Clausing (not Colchester), 12" x 24" between centers, Quick Change gears, D1-3 mount, 3 jaw chuck, Phase II toolpost (size 100), hard ways in excellent condition, coolant feed, live center couple of tool holders. $1200.00 A cabinet with more tooling and cutters went for $75.00, was with lathe.

    Acer (Taiwanese like Jet or Birmingham) 12" x 40 gear head. Couple of years old, two chucks, D1-3 mount, steady rest. Typical condition for these lathes, no wear to ways,
    handles, knobs and various parts falling off here and there. Shiny paint job. $1800.00

    Bridgeport Series 1, Vari Speed motor, 2 axis DRO, no power feeds, some collets, average condition. $2400.00

    Probably five pounds of 1/2"-3/4" end mills, corners knocked off, ends blue, flutes chipped went for over $100.00. This happens frequently, I can never understand it.

    The same guy bought the B'port & South Bend. He is setting up a home shop.

    In my opinion the South Bend was best deal of all, the Clausing next. Bridgeport was high average, Acer & end mills a waste of time.
    Jim H.

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    I was at an auction a few weeks ago. I would have liked to get a few things, but everything went in large lots ( like 200 #40 end mill holders). Would have been too much for me. The machinery was sold once to a machinery dealer then resold (in place) at the auction. Prices went for about double of what the dealer paid. The dealer was there price jacking at the auction. If they didn't get their price they bought it back.


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      i would bet that auction was maybe in PA. maybe near allentown????

      andy b.
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        Would have been a great opportunity to practise your ebay selling skills. If still reasonable. If not, well.... I buy mills by the pound, but sometimes they are worthless unless resharpened.


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          I am seriously looking to buy a lathe but I am in California and the few auctions I have gone to here the machines are worn out and go for 3 times what the did at that detroit auction.

          So, anyone know any good places to check out here, say Nevada, Oregan, California?

          I am still talking to the guy with the 12" Atlas, found out it has two three jaw chucks, one set up for inside, one outside plus a four jaw. The price is 750 but I looked at the pictures again and it looks like you can see a wear groove on the bed but it could just be oil, hard to tell in a photo.

          And Gypsies advice about buying certain items and reselling on ebay is great, I do that all the time. The big trick is to make sure the item is light and packs easy. Also, if you know what your interested in beforehand, look on ebay to see what they sell for before you go.



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            I still think you ought to look for Logans out there.

            Guys on the Logan list say they are a dime a dozen out there, and they were made up to 14". Lots of 11" machines around, they take a 5C collet.

            And, the Logan will be a lot stiffer and nicer to work with than the atlas.

            Try to get one with the thicker "automatic" apron, it has turning feed via the leadscrew keyway. The standard apron and ALL the Atlas machines have only halfnut feed for turning.

            If it has the automatic apron it will have a QC also, almost certainly.


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              You got it!