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propane burner

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  • C. Tate
    Let me know what size this thing has to be. I have three different size cast iron burners that go in comercial ovens will sell you one if you want.


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  • metal mite

    What's the matter?
    Afraid of a little soot in the hair? ha! ha! (joke)
    I look like a real coal miner when I'm done.
    When you put her on the Baker fan, I don't think you,ll get the B T U s you need. No spark show at night.
    I tried that once.
    Made a box like burner with about 100, 1/16 inch holes. Sure did look pretty though all them little blue flames in the firebox.

    Seriously; Joe Nelsons book, So You Want to Build a Live Steam Locomotive, has a chapter in it.


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  • SGW
    There has been information on propane burners in past issues of Live Steam magazine. Sorry, I can't tell you which ones....

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  • srecker
    One website that may have what your looking for is

    He has many plans for small engines and also the plans for a propane burner ($6.00 for plans) His burner is pictured with one of his sterling engines. Might not be exactly what you where looking for but it's worth looking at. Also Guy Lautard has alot of links to different engine building sites
    his site is


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  • paul j smeltzer
    started a topic propane burner

    propane burner

    looking for a bbs where i can get some info on building a propane fired burner to be used in a one quarter scale steam traction engine.