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  • How do I fix this?

    I'm making a part for my lathe carriage. It's a piece of aluminum about 4" x 1" x .75"

    It mounts to the carriage with 2 bolts. The positioning is critical as it holds parts that engage the rack.

    I mismeasured/misdrilled a mounting hole.

    Can I press an Aluminum rod into the misplaced hole and re-drill it? I don't want to have to remake the part.

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    Yes you can but how far off did you drill the hole?
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      Not sure, What id do is make your hole a 'slot' and call that 'critical positioning' bolt be a 'critical adjustment slot' you really should'nt be using bolts for critical alignment anyway, thats what we have roll pins and tapered pins for.
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        The .25" hole is probably off by an eighth of an inch. I was measuring totally blind - I had to measure things under the carriage while the carriage was on the lathe. I must have mis-measured a little on the location of the shaft that holds the gear that engages the rack. When I pivoted the part on the first bolt so the gear engaged the rack, the 2nd hole was way off.

        Being 3% smarter now, I know I shouldn't have drilled the 2nd mounting hole until the part was otherwise complete. I should have put the part on the carriage, positioned it, and marked the 2nd mounting hole by punching through the mounting hole. Then it would have fit perfectly.

        I tried elongating the hole with a file. Not happening but I did make a mess of the hole.


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          Sure. Make sure the size of the plug is large enough that the new hole won't go through the side of it. If you can chuck the part in the lathe and bore the hole larger, but on location, you won't need as large a diameter plug.

          I'd drill (or bore if you do that) first, then make the plug to fit. Take care to have both pieces at the same temperature before you take the final cuts to get the plug to size, which probably should be about a half thou large or so-

          I'd probably press it in. Heat the larger part before inserting the plug, then smack it in there quickly. Use some wd40 as a lube.
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            Tony, if You can live with the slot and have a four jaw on Your lathe a slot can be done. Not the easiest thing to do , but it beats a file or a complete do over.



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              Tap the hole and thread a piece of alum. to fit the hole. Make the threaded alum a little bigger at each end and peen it over. Mill or file flat. Use some locktite if you have some.