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    Last week I posted looking for a cross slide screw for my 13 inch south bend. One reply I received was from a guy named Wayne. So I called him up and we talked and he offered me the screw for the cost of shipping. well today the screw arrived and it fit perfectly. My lathe now works better than it has since I got it. Now this is all due to wayne and his generosity. So thanks wayne and from what I have seen, this sight is made up of like minded just like wayne working for a commen good.

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      I agree with you. And it doesn't even depend on how many tattoos they have! Lots of good men (and a woman or two) enjoy this site.
      You all know who you are.



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        Many people on this BBS are kind and generous folks. Even to us people who don't have tats.



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          Amen to that, brothers.


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            The folks on this site and those who run it, are the best! What else is there to say.


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              I don't think it is possible to sum up the greatness of the people on this sight.
              Does anyone actually read siglines?


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                They put up with me, they must be great people.
                I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                  Once I was told, The person stealing all the harleys in town, Look for the man with the most tattoos. (there was a rash of thefts after ABATE published addresses and phone numbers of members) Mine was inside the house.

                  It wasn't me. I took a candy bar when I was five, mom made me carry it back to the store. I don't think I have stolen anything since.

                  Good relationships are developed. I have tried to pass my morals and thoughts onto my children. I am not devout-religious but I live a lot more spiritual than most southern preachers. I live by my concience.

                  I personally like this site.


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                    Funny thing David, I stole a pack of gum when I was about that age. My mother saw it and knew I didn't buy it. I'm not sure but she may have arranged for the store manager to chew my head off. I don't steal.
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