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  • machines for sale!

    my wife has had a 4 way bypass and we must move off of the mountain (big bear lake, ca) to our home in the desert (she cant take the altitude any more.
    so, I am selling all of my big handpicked machines.
    I have a bridgeport mill (bought new, like new, with anglock vise,power feed and collets.
    a logan lathe (bought new and pampered, excellent, with 3jaw and 2 4jaw chucks (one for opposite end of spindle for rifle barrel work or stock support) top of the line collet closer, bed turret, tool post turret, and hydraulic tracer).
    and a boyar schultz surface grinder (not the light duty machine, but the heavy duty model with 16" magnet.
    will sell all 3 for a total of $9000
    [email protected]

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    My condoleces on your wife's health. I hope nothing but the best for her. I also live in the SoCal area. I don't have room for all three machines, but may be interest in the mill. Would you be willing to sell that one all by itself? Not sure I could swing it, but would be willing to have a conversation...


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      Two "bummers".

      All my best to your wife.

      Seems like all the good deals are always on the West Coast.


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        If I sell my machines separately, I would want $4000 for the mill.
        it has had, maybe, 20 hours total use and is in perfect condition.
        it has a set of collets, a clamping kit (mill bolts and riser blocks), a power feed, and a large anglock vise. it is a marvelous and accurate machine (I hate to part with my machines) a new bridgeport costs about $13,000 Stripped. by the way, I forgot to mention that the whole set of machines comes with a lab grade 18"x24" black granite surface plate and heavy duty inspection cabinet to put the plate on and store other measuring tools.


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          Had I not just bought a 9X42" Grizzly mill, I'd be breaking my arm to throw money at you. I'm very interested in the Logan though, please check your 'mail.

          Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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            My best to your wife. Hope she is doing well. Heart problems are tough to deal with.

            That being said...

            It is not appropriate to offer goods for sale on the BBS - you should contact Neil for information on advertising. This is only just and fair to our generous hosts.


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              You would be welcome to post your tools for sale here:

              http://www.practica eds+and+eBay+listings&number=4&DaysPrune=1000&Last Login=

              or here:


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                I did not know that it was inapropriate to offer tools for sale on this forum. I guess being new here is not an excuse. I wont do it again, sorry!


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                  I did not mean any offense in it and have addressed this issue in another post. I am hoping Neil will take it into consideration as it would be nice to have the ability to post offers for wares or services for many of the BBS members - but this is up to Neil, not us.


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                    My sympathies with you, your wife,

                    All people are here for a short time, having a medical condition makes you really aware.

                    Spoil her and pamper her. All the chances I have taken with my life I feel strange when my friends get diagnosed with cancer, heart trouble. Most of them have really taken care of themselves.

                    Yes, we should have a post site for sales. I have a bunch of items too. I prefer to make better deals with my friends who need the tools. SO far everyone here has been like a family. It makes me happy to get a good deal and make someone elses day. As long as I paddle ahead, I am happy.

                    I'd be happy to pay a percentage of sales similar to ebay postings. (2-3%+)


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                      I'm with ibewgypsie. I think it might be a good idea, even if a 2 to 3% fee was levied.

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                      John B


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                        My best to your wife also. I would agree with the others. It woud be nice to have a spot to offer things for sale.


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                          paying a fee like what you mention for the sale of machine tools would be great.
                          I would consider it right now!