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How do Leeson and Baldor motors compare?

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  • How do Leeson and Baldor motors compare?

    I think they're both US made and I've heard good things about both.

    If you had your choice of which one to buy which would it be or do you suggest another brand?


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    When the OEM chinese motors fail (or their controls fail), I replace them with a 2nd hand 3 phase motor from ebay or CL. So far I've acquired one Weg and one Siemens, both industrial duty. I'm sure they will both outlast me.

    When I am motor shopping I don't look at brand so much as the type. Most brands offer both industrial duty and a lesser duty motor, I go for the super heavy duty types.


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      Both brands have a large range of motors, from somewhat low end to extreme duty. I'd be looking at the motor specs, and perhaps country of origin, rather than the brand. Bearings? Insulation class? FLA vs. stated horsepower? Enclosure? Poles? Inverter duty? Then, price, etc.

      Baldor has earned a reputation over the years for excellent motors. Leeson maybe just a bit behind in terms of brand recognition. But both companies are now dealing with global manufacturing and pricing realities and I doubt that reputation means as much as it once did.


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        From the Baldor site-
        "These products are
        produced at 26 plants
        in the US, Canada, England,
        Mexico and China."

        and, from Leeson-
        " LEESON's 48 and S56 frame AC motors are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in West Plains Missouri. In the western Wisconsin city of Black River Falls, LEESON manufactures 56 and 140T frame standard AC motors. Larger frame standard AC motors are located in the central Wisconsin city of Neillsville. Our gear reducers are assembled and manufactured in Union Grove, Wisconsin. Permanent magnet direct current motors, built to NEMA and IEC metric dimensions, are the focus of LEESON's facility in Lincoln Missouri. And our plant in Hanover, Ontario is dedicated to short-run specials—particularly multi-speed designs—for U.S. and Canadian customers."

        I think they both make good motors, and some of em are even made in the USA.


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          Leeson and Baldor used to be comparable, but almost all of Leeson's motors are now made in China. I ended up with a couple of modern Leesons, and they're terrible compared to the old American Leesons.

          All the Baldors I've bought, including several I've bought recently, are Made in USA. Baldor also owns Reliance, Marathon, and Bodine. All very fine motors.
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