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  • Great looking work guys!


    • A few pics of what I've been up to lately. Not much shop time til today- work keeps getting in the way- anyway, this is a guide which fits between the flat ways on my project lathe. The carriage will eventually be bolted and pinned to this assembly. The mill table assembly will also get one of these, and so will the vertical mill head. In the center of the first pic is the chuck I made to hold the short threaded bits to both face them and to grind the hex on one end. It's adjustable for the length inside, so I was able to simply screw each threaded piece into it and have it stop at the right spot, leaving enough sticking out to face and grind on. This chuck mounts in the 3 jaw, with the setscrew indicating the orientation towards the master key for best repeatability. The short threaded pieces are adjusters, and they fit crosswise, two on each end of the main bar.

      A closer look at where the adjusters go- the main bar has two metal strips that will attach to the sides of it as shown, and these adjusters will be able to spread the ends of those strips away from the bar.

      Next couple pics- self evident, perhaps. One of the flat bars pulled away to show one of the adjusters with the wrench on it.

      That's a 7/32 wrench, by the way. It worked out that by turning off the threads for about an eighth of an inch of length, until the threads just disappeared, I could grind six flats and come to clean corners for the hex and fit that wrench. I polished off what burrs there were (very little) on the drum sander, and rounded over the edges on the faced end of the adjusters. They should bear against the flat strips with a decent area of coverage, and so should be a solid stud with which to arrange the tightness of the assembly between the lathe ways. I'll get a way to adjust the rotation of this assembly very slightly, as well as set the amount of play. I'll be able to adjust the crosslide for a perfect 90 across the ways- same for the mill table and the mill head.

      The two holes visible in the main bar are for socket head bolts which bring up a steel plate from below to keep the assemblies in contact with the ways, while giving enough play so they can slide. All the adjusters are reachable from the top of the lathe, so they will at least be handy to set.

      Something interesting with the toolpost grinder- I used a 3 inch diameter cutoff disc to do the grinding, fully expecting to have to dress the edge of it a few times and measure across the flats and alter my endpoints on the cross feed dial during the operation to produce 12 adjusters. On the contrary, from beginning to end of this process, I lost only about 2 thou off the edge of the disc, so only one minor adjustment required to get all pieces identical acrosss the flats. I used metric bolts to make these pieces from, and they were considerable harder than the grade 5 imperial bolts that they are roughly equivalent to. Perhaps this level of hardness is easier on the cutoff disc than softer steel, which I've found to wear the discs more quickly- or perhaps with the direct support so close to the chuck jaws, the adjusters couldn't vibrate against the disc in a bad way- not sure why it worked out this way.
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      I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


      • Here's a close-up with my IBM wrench in the background.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


        • I needed a mounting fixture for my home made rotary table and my old plunger style indexing thing.

          I had an old 15 pound plate laying around,,,,,

          I drilled a 108mm pcd so I could bolt it directly to my lathe, then faced it off so I could spin it around and have a nice flat fit.

          then I made lots of swarfe

          I also put a 1 1/2 8tpi thread in the middle so I could mount it on my Hercus style plunge type indexer.

          I then put it on the indexer and mounted it on my cheap pedistal drill where I drilled and tapped a series of holes.

          TA DAAA