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    I'm making a half-size traction engine in my shop at present.

    You can see some of my stuff here

    or here

    and a lot more here

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      I work for fun

      Then I do work for pay

      All work done on manual machines, no CNC for this man.
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        One of the many folks workmanship I admire here is mcgyver's. Not only is his workmanship exemplary, but he furthers his efforts by using his woodworking skills to build custom containers, a point not lost on me. While I have yet to reach anywhere near his skill level in metal or wood, I recently constructed a custom container for my newly finished Bonelle tool and cutter grinder. The container protects the unit and provides accessory storage.



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          I've also made a broaching tool for the lathe and made an indexing setup to complement it. While the overall approach has been previously made and displayed by other members, I took a more aggressive posture on my dividing plate starting with 1 degree divisions, augmented by 30,32, 34, 35 and 36 hole circles. The plate also adapts to my four jaw chuck (three jaw shown). The indexing pin/arm assembly is spring driven.

          Additionally, I threw together a jig for stamping numbers/letters that could either be held in the quill of my mill or by my lathe quick change tool holder. It uses a spring assisted stamp holding cylinder, described by George Thomas in Workshop Techniques, that rotates 360 degrees in a piece of tubing that clamps. The tubing is brazed to an extension arm that slides into adapters for the mill or lathe. Nothing new, but a handy device.



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            Most of the work I do in the shop shows up in DM, HSM or MW. while I provide glimpses of what I do, I would rather readers buy the back issues, current issues or subscribe to future issues of the magazines to get the full story. Acting in my own self intrest? Indeed - a successful publisher means more articles to publish and the continued operation of this BBS.

            By way of a glimpse of things to come, (posted earlier in another thread) a clock with magnetic wheels - no physical contact throughout the whole train.
            The plastic wheels are the proof-of-concept model. The aluminum wheels are for the clock.

            I also do some prototype and proof-of-concept modeling in my shop for my day job that necessarily remains unpublished for proprietary reasons.
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              i do what ever iam hired to do couldbe anything from making gun parts to turnning down roundbar for axels to making parts you just cant buy anymore for somethings to who knows ,

              my moto is if my machines can hadel the job then ill build it,, or weld it,what ever needs to be done ,if i can do it i will


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                Originally posted by J Tiers
                Last time I checked, this was a machining forum.
                I've been recently thinking there should be either be a whole "OT" forum, or one just for machining projects.


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                  What do I do in my shop? Well currently, I wire up devices, pound nails where I missed putting them in it in the drywall.

                  The next item on the agenda is to move the bp right up to the wall, the lathe up to the bp and get behind it to finish nailing, taping, mudding, sanding that side.

                  I'm finally getting an all weather shop. Not very big since I'm heating it electrically near Lat 45N. More like a closet in my garage with a bridgeport and a 14x30 lathe. 8' x 11' makes it rather snug.

                  Pic's of fixing the lathe

                  My goal is to build a Gatling gun and an model engine or two.

                  Day job, I'm a maintenance tech. I might be putting bearings in a vmc, figuring out a logic glitch in a plc, cleaning a filter in a control cabinet air conditioner or using a lathe, mill, surface grinder to fabricate or modify stock parts to repair something out in the plant.

                  This is a good website, by the time I've read current threads, I have little time to say much.



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                    (anyone who doesn't blow it big sometimes isn't trying anything)
                    Everyone should repeat that 10 times everyday, as soon as they wake up. The fear of failure is a soul-killer.


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                      If it were easier to post photos you would get more. At my age the computer gymnastics are not worth the trouble. If there was a computer short cut posted you would see alot more photos Fred


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                        Ok, I'll play. I'm still working on my lathe. The bracket that connects the handwheel on the carriage to the rack has broken and is long gone. Here's a similar original Atlas part. It's 1/8" thick ZAMAK and the first thing to break.

                        This particular bracket is for a later model of lathe than mine and doesn't fit. I decided the design was too putrid to copy. I used my pal's mill to make this bracket out of a chunk of aluminum. It's really the only thing I've ever made in metal. The gears and axle are NOS.

                        The tricky part is that all the measuring was done indirectly. It has to fit behind the apron, but once I remove the apron the fit to the ways and rack is unknown. I had to find common reference surfaces and measure from those surfaces. I almost got it right - it would have been spot on had I been a little more experienced. The bracket works but the gears don't mesh enough to suit me. I'll be repairing it soon.
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                          Originally posted by gda
                          I've been recently thinking there should be either be a whole "OT" forum, or one just for machining projects.
                          thats been said 100 times but old farts who know it all dont want it.


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                            tube bender

                            Made this for bending 1" and 1 1/4 tubing. Peter (Didn't realise I'd posted my whole phobucket)
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                              Most of the stuff I do centers around welding fab and mechanics. Mostly welding fab. Machining is primarily done as a means to an end.. Like custom hubs, cylinder mounts, and articulation pivot for a loader scratch build from plans...

                              Or a custom part or two to shoehorn a chicom 13 HP engine into a lawn tractor with a dead engine.

                              Or just welding like a picnic table
                              Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit


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                                or a mobile home for chickens (wire was added before the birds took up residence)

                                Or cleaning up turnbuckles for a drive for an heirloom

                                or a pressbrake punch posted elsewhere on this board...
                                or a mount for a pipe vise.
                                or 28' long pipe racks
                                or running gear for plastic casing.. long story...
                                I have a logsplitter half done too.

                                Or just make little pieces fo metal out of big ones, or just HOT glue stuff together until I tire of it...
                                It's hard to get a lot done in my one day a week in the shop. ... Sigh.
                                P.S. forgot the rear 3pt blade, box scraper, lawn tractor towed grader, garden cart, garden wagon with ackerman steering gear, gokart for my girls, mobile gantry frame, rope makers (3 in total), hand knurler, stand for my mill drill.
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                                Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit