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What do you do in the shop?

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    Well, it's not much and not recent, but here are a few of mine that I did take pictures of.

    Dog clutch for turret tap/die drive

    "Billet" <grin> adapter machined from solid aluminum for mounting fiber optic light source on B&L binocular scope.

    In use
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      QC tooling adapter for mounting high quality scissor knurling tools. Frankly, I didn't do much to make that piece. The only visible cut I made is on the lower right. The rest of the surface finish is "as found" in a scrap bin. Like I said, I don't spend much time on aesthetics.
      {Edit: I said lower left, I meant "lower right"}

      One of my file drawers (the main drawer).

      I made some pieces to repair a control cable on my motorcycle, and a inner fairing support for GPS mount deeply nested under the windshield. That GPS mount is really nice, but I didn't think to take pictures, and you really can't see anything once installed.

      My staged 5/10/15 hp phase converter.

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        Adapter spacer made to offset an electromagnetic fan clutch on a Cummins/Suburban ('72) re-power. What I made is on the left, original on the right. Thread is 30 mm 1.5m left-hand. Finish was beautiful, in spite of how it looks in that pic.

        Articulated arm supporting 2 trays and QC tool holder carousel for new lathe. Arm can be extended to provide tooling "at hand" working anywhere along the 60" c2c bed. All parts but the brass pan are shop made, including axle, hubs, and UHMWV "bearings". It works beautifully in spite of supporting over 100 lbs of tooling.

        The list goes on. Just little stuff of no great complexity...
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          Hrm, lets see...

          5C Dead Center, out of O1. Hardened but not ground as of yet.

          Extra tool holders. Can't ever get enough.

          Cast Iron belt tension pulley, 5 " Dia x 3.5 inch wide.

          And a new y axis leadscrew, didn't have time to snag a pic before install it's 1" 8 Lh acme. It's on our Induma Westbury 1S


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            What do I do in the shop?

            Make chips.

            Build a business of my own, for retirement income.

            But mostly, maintain my sanity after 40 hours of a regular job.
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

            Make it fit.
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              I use my round column mill drill in my shop
              Precision takes time.


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                OK, I'll put my tuppenceworth in.

                Here is a photo of the (temporary) power feed I constructed for my mill. It's based on the articles in the Model Engineers Workshop, (UK) from a few years ago

                Damn, how do I add a photo in?

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                  NzOldun, the best way is to use a site like Photobucket to put the photo resized to 800x600 and then use the link or img to put it in the post.

                  I hate doing it because it takes so much time. You have to take the photo, load it to the 'puter, use Photoshop to resize the photo, upload it to Photobucket and cut a paste the link to the post. All that can take a half hour or more depending on things.

                  Oh, BTW, some of us seem to be in business a lot more than I want to be. I retired to relax and do what I want but because I found I need spending money to do that I have to take on some jobs. Bummer, bah hum bug.
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                    Photobucket resizes it for you when you upload it Carl. Mine does anyway!


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                      Originally posted by J Tiers
                      *** I'd like to see as many as possible post work, even (maybe especially) ones who don't post much at all.
                      Ok, you asked for it: my adjustable height slow change tool post:


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                        This thread is making me tear up. I have lost my shop in a 'why did I do it' move from a 1000 square foot basement to a 700 square foot condo.
                        I don't know if the neigbours above and below would like to hear the lathe running at all hours.
                        Women! Can't live with them and can't...well you know the rest.


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                          You got withdrawal Greg?

                          You could set up a shop in a closet....

                          The Taig lathe I have takes about 1.5 sq ft of counter or bench space...

                          Kinda cute, really...

                          Lee Valley is the closest dealer to you I know of...
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                          Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit


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                            Hey guys, I have really enjoyed looking at everybodies good workmanship, oblivious of the skill level/or different grade of machine tools or equipment used All items shown are produced at home ,not a big corporation, Everybody has put their best input into the tasks produced, One thing produced we cannot see, but is present, Pride & Happiness
                            This hobby is the best medicineto keep one going in this old world.


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                              Glenn, yes, but it is larger than the 800x600, at least it used to be and caused me trouble posting them on some sites. The other thing is an oversize photo makes you scroll the screen from side to side to read the text and I don't read those threads unless I am very interested and want to put up with the hassle.

                              Well, I'll be diddley squat, it does resize the photo now. The boys wanted me to post their card game photo so here it is, they are Howard, Ezekiel, and Wilbur.
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                              It's only ink and paper


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                                Is this a championship game, or just the typical Thursday afternoon at the machine shop?