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    Most recently I've been concentrating on changing my job, but have found some time to build the nipper a fort/climbing frame in the garden:

    All the joints are lapped mortice and tenon, the wood is tannelised 4 x 4.
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      I peck away at making a triple expansion steam engine, here's an eccentric strap being bored:

      I made some canes for a twice removed friends wedding:

      I occasionally make solid bullets for presentation display weapons:

      and am currently helping an oppo to prototype some parts for a new project (no pics of that so far).
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        I'm with Frank. I've gotten embarassed when people are at first amazed at my home CNC tools, and then when they ask what I make, I have to say, "Um, more tools." They shake their heads and move on, LOL.

        Here's my latest, not yet really documented on the web site:

        Coolant misting setup for the mill.


        Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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          I generally just mess around and blow off steam... I'm usually just solving problems, rebuilding things, etc...

          Every now and then I get to do some fun stuff.

          An adjustable stock for the AR I never find time to shoot:

          Misc Motorcycle bits:

          A cocktail table for a buddy in NYC:


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            also a 5C closer for my crappy Grizzly:


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              Originally posted by DickDastardly40
              All the joints are lapped mortice and tenon, the wood is tannelised 4 x 4.
              Tannelised (tanalised) - Well you learn something every day! I've never heard of that term before. Is that the term normally used everywhere on your side of the pond? Here we just say 'pressure treated'.
              Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                VERY nice collection.

                I'm bumping this to see if we can collect more people's input on past projects.

                And I'd like to see more people post on-going projects in future. No need to attach them to this thread, just go ahead and post them. Separate posts are good in order to be able to find specific types of projects.

                A nice descriptive and searchable title would be nice, so that they would form a "history library" for others who might want a little "idea boost" if/when they are working on something similar.
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                  i have posted this before but i think it came out well a dti holder for my lathe.

                  a socket for adjusting the steering stem on my FJR


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                    a bung i made for a plastic drum my brother uses for biodiesel

                    rack and trunk mount on my FJR


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                      transmission end cover for a skidder the bearing had spun and beat out its bore.

                      they had tried to repair it with something i suspect was JB weld but it had just got pounded out and was causing more problems.

                      pump housing where valve bushing had been pushed in to far during assembly causin wear. bored and made new larger bushing.


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                        not smart enough to delete it
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                          I machine parts for my 1931 Ford Model A Coupe and Tudor Sedan. Not really worthy of the stuff many of you are doing but, I'm trying. Someday, I hope to build a blown flat headed V8 model engine when my skills are up to par.


                          Fuel Pump Clamp that will mount to fuel return line.

                          Original 31 Ford reworked spring perch

                          Blower Pulley Spacer

                          Oil Pressure Distribution Block

                          Opps, pics did't work.

                          Here's the link to my Flikr Account
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                            Ok, mostly a lurker here with a very occasional post. My shop started in 1969 with a 6" Atlas and old Craftsman drillpress. Evolved into a business, and evolved back to a hobby. I'm now retired from a 35 year career as a mech engr/machine designer. Now, mostly hobby in both wood and metal. The two hobbies can be mutually supportive! I've built lots of my own machines over the years, and still enjoy designing and building.

                            cutter grinder:

                            vert bs wood/metal:

                            swivel head cutoff saw:



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                              things for fun

                              i have an oliver "ace" grinder that seems to be able to sharpen almost any straight edge very accurately if you have the proper setup. i had the main fixture that came with the grinder but needed to make something to hold endmills and square things. there are so many adjustment on the grinder plus the table and the main fixture. i made a round adapter plate that pressed onto the rotating part of the fixture with a large center hole. then i made a taper mount adapter with 1-1/2" threads so i could screw on my usless three and four jaw chucks. i also made the indexing rods with a spring loaded ball in the end of the one that uses the 3 hole or 4 hole marks in the round adapter. works wonderful. there is very little pressure created with the grinding wheel so it holds the work quite well.

                              on my bridgeport, i hated to crank up the knee everytime i changed tooling so with the advice of someone here on the forum i made the "toothed" adapter using the lathe and mill, and welded the thing to a china impact socket so i could attach it to a sioux tool, an air operated 1/2" angle nut driver. soooooo much easier than cranking and cranking. . . .

                              the next little thing will be a air controlled collet rod controller. i have the little 3/8" impact already and the air is already mounted on the machine. jsut need to get busy with the actual machinery to make it come together.


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                                Still working on my Rose Engine:

                                Have a few bits more to make provided the interest doesn't fade.
                                Chapter & verse on it here.

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