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  • Originally posted by JSGAuto
    ....another bike guy.

    More info is needed. Is that part of a four stoke engine in front used as a supercharger? You got my interest.



    • A pillar tool based on an article in HSM and G.H. Thomas's design

      Die holders for my lathe (in background)

      I've been pretty much lurking since I joined, I'm just learning and trying to tool up.
      (I have a tendency to laugh whenever someone complains about not being able to take a big cut on their 9x20.)
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      • one chunk of 6061-t6 with some axle spacers hiding in it.

        the first lil spacer and the print,

        a lil collet i built from someone on here's idea,works great for de-burring.

        the lil spacer and the short one w/ the radius

        leon holmes


        • here is the longer spacer with the radius (1/4")

          the form tool my dad hand ground,cabbaged from his tool box .

          three down and two to go,just waiting on the final length tbd.

          leon holmes


          • Bump.............

            Still looking for some more good stuff....
            1601 2137 5683 1002 1437

            Keep eye on ball.
            Hashim Khan

            If you look closely at a digital signal, you find out it is really analog......


            • Telescope mount

              Not quite finished, but close.


              It's a telescope mount using harmonic gearboxes, servo motors and encoders.



              • I have some projects posted in my PM blog. Link is in my signature. Its something that doesn't get used much but is handy as a place to post pictures and descriptions that can than be linked back to so you don't have to post the same old pictures again and again. It would be a good feature for this forum as well.

                I have decided I am a "collector of metalworking capability". I haven't seen a tool, machine tool, or accessory I don't want a version of. It doesn't have to be the best, earliest, or rarest, I just want one in case I have the need some day. So most of my projects are accessories and I have fixed up some old machines as well.
                Jon Bohlander
                My PM Blog


                • I too finally had to get a lathe because its hard to make concentric bushings on a drill press w/ a file! So nice to be able to bore a bearing sleeveto fit.

                  My main project is an oversized Gingery mill that's mired in "time vacuum". My castings are only mediocher to fair, but a hellovalota fun to make.

                  Posted a couple things here (this forum), and here:


                  (looks like you may have to scroll way down the page. Donno why.)

                  Closest thing to a presentable project is this incomplete tail index here:


                  but you'll have to join the Yahoo Group. I cast the mandrel, slide, bearing & brake. Still need some hole plates & plunger (index pin).
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                  • Originally posted by lenord
                    Not quite finished, but close.


                    It's a telescope mount using harmonic gearboxes, servo motors and encoders.

                    That's quite a mount, Lenord. What sort of instrument will sit on it?

                    Looks like a big Newtonian.



                    Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


                    • Bob,

                      Well, it is made for a fella that has a small refractor, a small newt, a medium sized newt and a 16" newt. I made a multi optic top plate for him. I have another tripod for the small optics he will use.

                      I did find smaller harmonic component sets that I will make another, smaller, harmonic drive mount from. You can find them new in the box, dirt cheap on e-bay.

                      I will be changing the Alt. adjuster for something a little simpler. This one is a redo of one of the first I made. It does come apart is 46 lb or less pieces this way.

                      I love the pier design, I copied it from somewhere else, don't recall really. Easy to make, assemble and very stout. Parts can be had from HD if needed.



                      • Most of the things I have pics of were shown here or there already but will show a few.

                        A live steady for 10EE.

                        A larger steady for 16" lathe.

                        My favorite thing is to train Mo out in the shop hehehee..
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                        • figured it was not the place to post
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                          • One of my ongoing jobs...

                            I have a friend, Frank, who has a golf business. I have been building golf club head pulling machines for him for a year or so, am working on SN14 &15 right now. Here are some picts I have on the computer, these three are SN7,8 & 9.

                            They are built with a bought hyd jack and rubber faced clamp set, all else is made by me (except for bolts and such).

                            Here are some picts of the fabrication:

                            Picts of the base after welding in the angle piece for the clamp screw:

                            A collage of several more small pictures

                            I am now building SN 14 & 15, with 3 more to be started soon. Design has just about been finalized, each group got a bit easier to build!



                            • I'm just a beginner. I bought a used 1943 Sheldon out of a barn 1 1/2 months ago and am trying to learn what I can. I really don't have much to contribute yet, but spent the time cleaning and fixing. Here are a couple pics of the first projects I tried.
                              The first is the first threads I cut.

                              I took three hours with the book, but I've gotten better since.
                              Second are bronze hammers made from scrap.

                              Can't hold a candle to you guys though.



                              • so far I have made mostly swarf (tinsel for the festive type) and part that are too small.

                                But tonight I did some more work on a homemade rotab. I have lots more improvements to make to it but thats easy. Getting it made is the hard part touching it up is just fun.